Hello world! And what a crazy world it is!

Yes it is a crazy crazy world! All you have to do is read the newspaper or watch tv to figure that out. One of my favorite websites is: www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages

The front pages of newspapers from around the world are brought together for easy access. Front pages are covered with political battles but not about the issues…it is all a “mudslinging, he’s worse then I am” campaign. In fact last week when I went to the Liberal website to research their platform I found more conservative party names then I did Liberals. I actually ended up learning more about the Conservatives because I left the Liberal website to figure out what “was really said”.  And you know that the country is in rough shape politically when the best slogan our current prime minister’s campaign can come up with is “Your better off with us..(.then with those other guys)” . Negative campaigning is really more telling then anything. If you are busy telling me what someone else is or isn’t doing…you are not doing anything positive yourself!

I know – If you are campaigning and you are not on tv you don’t exist- but it would be nice to see one of them for a good reason, not complaining but accomplishing something. I don’t mean promises that will never come to fruition, I mean actually doing something to make the world a better place.


It would be nice if they would all stop complaining about the job the other guy is doing and start trying to actually solve some of issues facing the world.

What else is in the headlines…Wall Street is being bailed out!!! Don’t worry about the people that are starving all over the world, what about a bail out for some shelters, children’s organizations, etc. instead of one so that your friends don’t lose their summer home and second foreign made, environmentally unfriendly car.

We have children swarming seniors, showing up at school so disillusioned by life at 15 that they are packing a gun. Yet we make our work weeks longer, moral values more lax,  crime is creeping into our lives at an alarming rate., social programs are cut or underfunded and a lack of attention, affection and encouragement leave them feeling hopeless. Children are faced with violence at home, school, relationships, and they need direction on how to process that .

Not to mention the violence throughout the world. Wars, poverty, horrific conditions that children live and die in every day and yet our newpapers are covered with Stories of a fake Puffin pooping on a  politician or whether a candidate smoke pot and enjoyed it in 1972.

We have hours of tv programming on whether Lindsay Lohan is on or off the wagon and what celebrity flew out of LAX with a hangover….We have game shows and reality tv I wish we had more programs that actually made a difference. Have teams race to raise awarness and funds for starving children in Africa. Instead of taking survivors to the middle of the jungle, take them to the middle of etheopia and have them live like a local for 69 days. Have teams build an orphanage or try to build an inspiring youth program. Who ever changes the most lives wins. If we took the time we spend watching the crazy world on tv and put it into doing something for the world we might have a fighting chance.

This is a crazy world we live in!

The Crazy Lady

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