It’s a crazy world but it just takes one crazy person to change it

It is a crazy world we live in but we can change it one action at a time.For those of you who have not read my blog I am on a year long journey to see how much difference one person can make in the world around them. Many of us seem to take no action to change the world because we don’t believe that what we do really changes anything. I am going to prove that one person can make a difference in this world.I am starting out with small things. Letters of gratitude to friends (38 letters sent in past two weeks), visits or cards for seniors, helping causes on line, getting information, that kind of thing.

Here you can take a three question quiz (the answers are practically provided) and click on one button and the contributors of the site will make a two cent donation towards feeding the hungry in Haiti. This costs you nothing takes very little time and is a great way to feel empowered. While you may say “it is only two cents” if you do it every day you will be responsible for a seven dollar donation in a year. Tell friends about it and their $7 a year is added to yours and soon you are making a real difference to children around the world who are starving. The more I find small ways to make a change the more I realize that I have the power to truly do something.This site is also a great source for facts and links on the issues facing the 12.5% of the worlds population that is starving. I can take three minutes from my day and learn something about their situation while I eat my bagel and sip my coffee.
I found another awareness campaign that I immediately signed up for. It is a 24 hour Fast for hunger for OxFam. You get pledges and then fast with a purpose. All your proceeds go to feeding starving children in Africa. Being an anorexic this action is perfect for me. I will double my fast if my friends double the donation. Heck I’ll fast for a week and send what I would have spent on groceries. I only I wish I could send the food that everyone is constantly shoving in my face. In North America we are faced with an obesity crisis while 800 million people are starving. I expect by the end of this, when I am really faced with people who are greatful for the small amounts of food they have-I will learn to appreciate a meal more. For now I will use my eating disorder to their advantage. I should have no problem fasting for hunger once a month. I just won’t do it at the same time I do a charity run. I plan on do several so that I can combine my workout with helping others. If I have time to work out everyday then surely I can find a way to let that benefit others too.
 So while I haven’t changed the world yet today I did send 6 cards to bring a smile to a lonely persons face, learned some more facts about hunger, visited a few websites that state their sponsors contribute money to hunger each time you visit, got the information for organizing and registering for a “Fast for Hunger” day, wrote two letters to world leaders regarding human injustice in their nation and it took less then an hour out of my day.

This afternoon I am going to take five minutes and email a couple companies to request donations for some hygiene kits for underprivileged children and hospital patients that do not have their own. The companies may say no which means all I lost was five minutes of my day. If they say yes then even a donation of ten tooth brushes and a few sample size tooth pastes can make a world of difference. 

I may not have changed the world today but I am walking in the right direction.







I joined Amnesty International and I am building on a plan.

My final goal is to find a way to go to Africa and continue my project there. I believe one person can change the world as it is the small things that lead to making a big difference.

I have often used the excuse that I am too busy to do something charitable or have no money to give. I am after all a starving writer and stand up comedian.

 I do know however that I can take five minutes out of my face book surfing time and start to make my difference by clicking onto
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