Another Crazy Monday…Music makes the world go round…and it’s not easy being green

Well I did not single handedly save the world over the weekend….but hey even God rested one day. I did however get 8 more cards in the mail.( I know you are thinking…man she must spend a lot on stamps….well it is only $35 so far and all I did was cut out one Tim Horton’s run a day and I didn’t even notice. Besides I have gotten much more pleasure from brightening some ones day then I ever did from a large double double.)

I also learned a little about the environment this weekend. I was researching it for an article I was writing but it still counts. I signed a petition asking the government to invest more in Green Jobs. Which are environmentally friendly jobs. We can rejuvinate the economy, help the environment and give all the manufacturing people who are being laid off this year a future. Venture Capitalists invested over 2.7 billion into the clean energy sector in 2007 alone. And that did not all go into solar panels, wind mills and corn fields. There is real potential for a solid investment in Green Jobs to turn into a better future all around.

Another project I came across that I am really excited about and have jumped right on board with was put out by one of my all time favorite people from one of my all time favorite shows. George Stroumboulopoulos and the Hour on CBC. They are promoting a CD Drop. People burn a mixed disc of their favorite music, write a list of what is on the disc and then “drop it” someplace. They then go to The Hour’s blog and post where they left their disc and what was on it. That way someone else can find and enjoy the music. How does this bring you closer to changing the world you may ask…Music is an international, multi cultural peace promoting thing. Music can change a mood…a song’s lyrics and emotions can change a life’s path….Music can bring happiness or tears of sentiment…it can surpass barriers and unite people. And sharing the gift of music is a heart softening thing. People are passionate about the music they like whether it be classical music or punk rock it invokes passion. To share your favorite music is to share a part of yourself…and to listen to someone’s choice of music is to learn something about them. I am driving from Toronto to Halifax later this month and I am going to be dropping discs along the way posting where I leave them. Some of the discs have my favorite music on them, some have songs that just hold a memory like the song “Jack and Diane” will forever make me think of roller skating around the gym on Friday nights when I was in grade 6. Other songs are favorite songs of the important people in my life and some are just songs that make me laugh like “You Jerk” by Kim Stockwood. While this may not seem to be a miraculous cure for the world’s problems or anything that will change a life I believe it can change a person’s day and hey let’s face it every day is the chance to write a new happy ending.

Well I must go meet a deadline and I haven’t even come up with the opening line so for now this is the crazy lady signing out and asking you “Who’s life did you change today? And was it for the better or the worse


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