More sites to do some good in this crazy world

Ok so I went on a web hunt cause quite frankly I am a lazy humanitarian. But I want to help the world and there have got to be ways that an agorophobic, broke person can make their difference. I was happy to find enough websites that I could spend an hour clicking to have companies make a few cent donation each time I do. Even if you only choose one a day and take 30 seconds before you check out the latest You Tube movie your friend sent you. If you are on facebook there is a group called Feed a Child with Just one Click. It lists several links that you can click on and their sponsors will make a small donation because you did.

If you are looking to buy items on line or you are an ebay junkie looking for a unique item try e-bay’s WorldofGood website. You can help the world, learn about people friendly, eco friendly products  Their webiste explains:

About by eBay by eBay is the world’s first online marketplace to convene thousands of People Positive and Eco Positive sellers and products all in one place, empowering you to shop in ways that align with your personal values. Respected, independent organizations verify the positive impact every product has on people and the planet. Our goal is to ensure that every choice you make here is a good one.

It is worth a look and if you have to buy Aunt Betty a gift to replace the gravy boat you broke at Thanksgiving dinner. T

his is a world conscious way of doing it.

Some links you can just click on and have a donation made

Free Rice = | I really like this site. You can play a multiple choice trivia game and learn something while making a donation of 20 grains of rice per correct answer. It is interesting, helps the world and gives me a new game to play without feeling that I am sitting in front of the computer wasting time.

&| Free Bread = This is the same concept as Free Rice. You can paly a trivia game, learn something and make a donation of a spoon of sugar per right answer. You may ask what good that does but it only takes ten spoons or ten right answers to make a bun and one hundred spoons to make a loaf of bread. If you can sit and play on line scrabble for a couple hours why can’t you be educated and help the world while playing a game.

Free Water = This site donates 10 glasses of clean water for every correct answer. Relieve your boredom and help someone else live. |

&| at this site you can work at improving your memory by recalling a list of numbers that is presented. One cup of water is donated to the United Way for each right answer and you may reverse some of the memory damage years of pot smoking or neglecting your brain has done. Each number has an interesting fact attached to it.

Free Meals = |If you don’t want to play a game and are just looking for a quick one click “good deed for the day” then this is a good place to go.

&| A cup of staple nutrition is donated to the starving in India, According to the statistics on the site 1/3 of all the underfed are living in India. Since we live in a nation of overabundance it is really little to ask one click of your mouse. This link gives a donation towards helping starving children in Argentina. One click is one donated ration of food for a child who will otherwise go to bed hungry. | This link is a free on line music trivia quiz and with each right answer a donation of clean water is given. This is a great one for the music buff. The questions are out of my league but I never remeber names of songs until I hear the chorus. I know some people that could easily become addicted to it as it does offer some challenge

&| This one is another one click donation. The involved companies help sponsor 14 children each month.

 |&| You can make one click for one cup of food donation and sign up for a fitness pledge. The sponsors on this site will donate $25.00 for every thousand clicks. Your click gets them one step closer 

| The name of this site says it all

|&| For every two words you define correctly will donate a lunch to a hungry child. Can’t you take five minutes to define a couple words, sharpen your vocabulary and feed a hungry child? | You can click and sponsors will give food for the hungry and you can buy from the listed stores and have more donated.

So as you can see, even though I didn’t want to leave the house today and worked in my pajamas I can still do something. If everyone does something then the world can change….I am off to click away. Did you make a difference in the world today? Was it for the better or the worse?

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