I Didn’t Go To Africa or Cure World Hunger But Today I Changed Things

Today was a personal triumph of maega proportions for me. I accomplished something today that I have been avoiding, fearing and un able to do for 20 years 5 months and 8 days. It doesn’t matter what it was. The only thing that matters is that I lived through my fear, succeeded where I never thought I could and won one for changing the world. You see, every personal accomplishment also builds self esteem and if you can do something that may be really hard for you …. then the next time you face a challenge or a fear you have more confidence to get through it.

Besides my personal victory I did have over 300 cups of water and 100 spoonfuls of flour donated just by playing a few trivia games while watching the hockey game. I also had several hundred grains of rice donated and I haven’t even watched the hour yet so I will be clicking for donations,

I am downloading as much indie music onto cd’s as I can. It is for my trek out east> I am showing my support for Operation CD Drop, implemented by George Stroumboulopoulos and The Hour. I am trying to make the music by artists that I believe showcase Canada’s incredible talent. George does a great job of that on the tv channels. We have great talent in Canada, we should support them.

I prepared several cards and letters both to friends and on behalf of Amnesty International campaigns. I also started my long term plan of action for how to get the funds to help make a difference in Africa. I came up with a few ideas. An auction of Canadian Talent Memorabelia, A Comedy or Music “Grown in Canada “show or  setting up camp in a public place like in front of a sponsoring tv or radio station and either dancing for 24 hours, riding a stationary bike for 48 hours or simply playing donation websites for 48 hours straight to not only raise money through sponsors and donations but to also do good through other peoples efforts to change the world.

So I may be starting out slow but I am going to make this happen. Today taught me that fear and lack of confidance are no reason excuse. There is always a way if you just work through the fear.

Oh yeah I also met a snake today in a driveway. I faced more fears today then I thought I could but next to what the people I am trying to help are facing….it was nothing.

Small things will make a big difference, even if I only raise enough money for a hut and water and food for one person….That person’s life will change and then I can think about the next one in need.

Don’t forget to bookmark the sites you can click to have a donation made. It would be a shame for some one to go hungry because you forgot to click a button on your new laptop.

Find a way to make your difference I am off to try and make mine

The Crazy Lady

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