Still On Track in this Crazy World

I know I haven’t written in a while but this does not mean I have given up on my quest! Quite the opposite my friends. I have been busy busy busy. And not just with trivia games to make donations. Though I have had hundreds of cups of water, rice and flour donated by just playing a few on line games. I have also continued with my letters and cards for Amnesty International and the cards to people who have touched my life in someway.

I have been on a road trip for several reasons. One is to drop discs with music along the way so that others may enjoy the cd when they find it. This is as part of my articles for My City Editorials on The Hour’s Operation CD Drop Blog. It is a great idea and I am leaving 24 discs through out my travels from Nova Scotia to Ontario. I am also putting together a documentary interview series on soldiers who fight to change the world. I am interviewing Canadian Soldiers who have fought for our freedom. I believe these are some of the heroes in the world today and an example for all of us. They change the world and I can learn alot just by my interviews with them.

I have been making arrangements for some fund raising and awarness campaigns for Africa. I am going to try to get in to the Guiness Book of World Records in a public place in Toronto and ask for donations and pledges towards the orphanage. I am going to prove that one person, even someone as insignificant as me can change the world.

You don’t have to go to Africa or dedicate your life to it but….what could you do to change the world around you for the better? Look in on a sick neighbour? Recycle? Help a person in need? Donate $5 to a charity? Say a silent prayer for someone else? Play a trivia game and donate some rice? What ever you choose to do– I thank you and so does ther person you help!!!

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