It is almost a new year in this crazy world

I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by. It was the biggest learning and growing year of my life. And the greatest motivational one as well. I am excited about a new year starting. I have a great deal planned for the new year and several resolutions made…one is to be better at updating my blog.

I plan to do much more to change the world this year and do all I can to inspire everyone I know to do their part. I plan on being a better person each day of this year. Setting goals on a daily basis and checking myself here.

My Guiness World record attempt will be in the summer and I have alot to do before then. I want by this time next year to have at least 1/2 of the money raised for the cost of building the orphanage. I will have. I am not making big goals…just smalll important ones. I hope that as each person goes to set their resolution for the new year that at least  one of them will have to do with making the world a better place for someone else. While personal goals such as losing weight/ gaining weight or quitting smoking are all important to the individual…I garantee if your resolutions focus on bettering the world for someone else…Your’s will be changed for the better in amazing ways.

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