The New Year Is Proving to Be Crazy in a good way

I am amazed sometimes how things all come together. I have been contiuing my quest to change the world. Each month I am adding a charity or cause to my “places I can make a difference” I am learning so much and I beleive I am getting more out of it then I could possibly be giving.

I am of coarse continuing with the things I started last year. I try to go to the  Click to donate sites as often as I can. Don’t forget to bookmark them so that you can have money, water, food and other essensials donated by sponsors just for clicking a button or playing a game. There are several good ones listed on this blog.

I am trying to keep up with being a better friend, sending emails and snail mail cards, letting people generally know how much I appreciate them.

I am training for my Guinness World Record attempt this summer and trying to design a promotional campaign to bring attention to the cause.

I have added an orphanage in India to my places I can make a difference. Ethiopia is proving to be a challenge to get helpful information from and to find people to help me with my journey– It may take longer than I had hoped. I am still before I die going to find a way to build a youth center there. To help somehow. But recently a friend was telling me of the orphanage that he visited in India. The conditions of it and the loving hearts of the worker and children there. I think they should know that there are people in this world, who care, who love them and who will help make a difference. I want to help them build a better facility. There is a small room filled with children with disabilities, some are practically in a vegetative state, Most left at the side of the road, abandoned because their families were too poor to care for them. This man took them in, cares for them and has revived their spirits.

I want to give them more. I want to thank him for his ability to change the world. I want to let him know and the children know that others care too. That together we can change the world.

I will also be working with Habitat for Humanity this year to help provide quality housing to families stricken by poverty. It is a great cause and I look forward to helping them in a variety of ways. They are my January ‘Get Involved” cause.

Next month I am looking into some local shelters and places that provide hot meals and shelter to the homeless and abused women and children. I am not sure which one will be my next focus because there are a lot of great one out there but I will find one that I can give something to. Even if it is just a few hours a month to help update a webpage or help in the kitchen or share computer skills. I know there is something (besides money) that I can offer.

Training for the marathons and Guinness attempt are going good. I jog or walk anywhere between 5 miles and 25 miles a day, depending on my motivation and schedule.

So I am about to bundle up in layers and hit the cold. I am running for two days today because tomorrow I am donating my time to help  a lady who could use a hand. She has been quite ill lately so some of us are helping with small house hold chores and such. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time then helping another. If you do help others you know exactly what I mean….If you don’t do service projects then you should try it, there is nothing more rewarding then truly helping another human being.

This year I will change the world, even if it is just for one person, and just for one day…I will make the world a better place one act of kindness at a time


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