Just because one man’s lies are so convincing he always wins, doesn’t mean he’s right,
Or that anothers truth is so unbelievable, losing seems to be their plight,
doesn’t mean they should be judged by others with no insight,
We live in a society obsessed with who is the octuplets dad,
or what’s going on with Jennifer Anniston, Angelina and Brad;
but when it comes to starving children in India or Chad;
We change the channel cause it’s just too sad,
We’re too busy to help while we eat our burgers and fries;
while another child of starvation dies;
We fight to ensure that we have the right to bare arms;
No matter who the gun harms;
Children going to school and blowing class mates away;
But don’t you dare let a child in school pray,
And never say that it’s wrong to marry if your gay,
They have the right to do what ever they want to do;
But if your religious then don’t mention that to anyone but you;
It only costs a few dollars for a net to stop malaria from taking another child’s life;
But hey don’t think of that, we have to worry about our own strife;
We don’t have the latest movie or the newest wii game;
Without them our lives won’t be the same;
Boy are we lame;
Families are living on the streets due to the recession;
the clothes on their backs are their only possession;
but it isn’t our concern until it effects one of our own;
Besides our kid wants a new iphone;
After all there’s nothing to feel bad about;
We gave the food bank a can of food and an old coat;
We’re too busy worrying about our own probems right now;
To worry about helping others more some how;
We do enough;
Everyones life is tough;
Is that real;
is that how you feel;
We live in a nation that is free;
A nation filled with waste and obesity;
Hours a day taken up with tv;
We can change reality;
If we just start with me.

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