Moments are like snowflakes…and sometimes it storms

Moments are like snowflakes,
each one unique,
falling til it disappears.
Never to happen again.
Some moments melt away,
not lingering in memory,
just passing without much notice,
Other moments combine, and leave lasting results.
When added together they can be filled with memories of laughter,
Or snow forts and hours of fun,
Walks in the cool winter air with long talks and warm thoughts,
Others are bitterly cold, and hindering,
Can slow you down and make getting anywhere near impossible,
Snow, like moments,
can be breath takingly beautiful
Or devestatingly brutal,
Bring exciting memories of special times,
Or snow falls of the past,
And can be waited for with
joy when finally it comes,
like the first snowfall of the year when you are a kid,
Or snow days when you were excited to stay home and have a camp out in the living room,
Moments can seem to slowly drift by like a few snow flakes gently falling to the ground,
Or come at you in a flurry, like a canadian winter storm,
But no matter how they come, They are each unique,
never the same,
you can make a snow angel
and hang Christmas lights,
making them bright memories in the future,
Or let them drift by as just another snow storm.
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