Have a good day…

I slept last night in my warm bed, I got up at about 3am for a drink of juice then snuggled into my pillow and blankets and drifted off again. I woke up early so I went to some of the “click to donate” sites I have listed in my links and played some games getting five loaves of bread, 2000 grains of rice, and 50 glasses of water donated as well as a small donation made towards several causes like breast cancer, preventing violence towards women, helping several animals, the environment, global warming and ocean life. It didn’t take very long and I probably would have spent that time playing bejeweled or some other game that didn’t help anyone. This way I learned some geography, vocabulary and helped others.

 I am about to get myself a bowl of cereal for breakfast before I put on my running shoes and go for a jog. I’ll probably stop by the store on the way home and pick up a loaf of bread because I am out….There are a more than billion children who probably didn’t sleep well last night because they had no bed to sleep in, their tummies ached for some kind of sustenance, and this morning they have no fridge to go to, no store to buy food and even if there was a store close by they have no money. Many children in the world today rather than going to school or playing with their friends will spend the day working in substandard conditions, or surrounded by war, violence and horrible environments….They live in situations with no clean water and sanitation, no relief from the cares of the world and no way to help themselves. They will spend their day wondering if this is all there is to life, if anyone cares or if there is any hope.  Over 187 million child laborers are estimated around the world with another 9 million in situations like armed conflicts (actual soldiers) and child prostitution.  There are millions of children who will become orphans today because their parents will die of AIDS, poverty related illnesses and in armed conflicts.

I wonder as the rest of the world is driving from place to place, coming back to their comfortable homes, eating their meals, wearing their clean clothes, drinking their bottled water if any of them will give the billions who could use a helping hand a second thought…

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