Today is Father’s day and my thoughts and gratitude are with my dad on this very special day. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful dad. He has taught me about many things in my life. I have spent much of the day reflecting on my life and all the great times we have had as a family. He taught me how to do math by playing crib, how to wallpaper a room (after I ruined one wall trying to do it myself), how to build a cold storage room, to always measure twice and cut once, how to garden (though I still can kill a plastic plant), how to clean a pool, how to golf, how to make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world and many other tasty treats along with  thousands of other things that help one survive in the world but the greatest lessons he taught me were about the spirit…about how to not only survive but rules to live a good life.  My dad is one of the wisest people I know. I say wise instead of smart because not only does he have knowledge but he knows how to implement it. I consider my dad to be the first one to teach me about miracles in life. I saw a miracle happen when I was ten and we joined the church that we now belong to. Our lives changed in incredible ways when this happened. Since that time I have learned the gift of forgiveness, unconditional love and support, service, gratitude, the importance of families and the importance of trusting in my Father in Heaven from my dad. I have seen him grow and give of his time, talents and life to others. I have been supported and loved by my dad unconditionally no matter what choices or mistakes I have made in my life. He has always been there to provide guidance, comfort and support. I truly am one of the luckiest people in the world to have the parents that I do.

Many people (billions) do not have the family support and guidance that I do. There are children who are orphaned because of war, disease, and other situations. There are people who look to others for the support that they so desparately need. They don’t have a family to provide it to them. Communities and individuals with a giving heart are needed to provide love and guidance and help where a father is no available to do so. We are lucky in this country to have organizations set up to offer some of this help. These groups are only successful if volunteers will give of their time and energy and resources to help them beable to help others. Many countries do not have the resources that Canada and the United States do. The children and youth are left to fumble their way through life on their own. I know how difficult it was to find my way even with the support and love of a wonderful mom and dad….I can’t imagine having to face the world alone, without their support.

I hope that in honour and thanks to my dad that I can live my life in service to others, that I can somehow show the qualities that he and my mom taught me to others who do not have such great examples. I hope that each of us can reflect on the good times and the important lessons that parents have instilled in us to give to those who don’t have the same blessing in theirs. Every good thing I ever accomplish in my life is as a result of the love, support, guidance and example of my “goodly” parents and I hope that at the end of my life it will be a testament of that and a tribute to them.

There are children all over the world starved for affection, in dire need of help and searching for an example. May each of us be there to help and support a needy child in some way.

Happy Father’s day to my dad, to all the dad’s who truly live up to that calling, to the dads-to-be that will some day and to the surrogate dad’s who fill in where needed. May every day be lived in honour of you.

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