Habitat for Humanity…building hope

I have been in the presence of greatness this week. No one was famous and I don’t think any of them were rich but each one of them were great. I attended meetings for Habitat for humanity and for two other charities that I have the pleasure of being associated with and I felt lucky to be there.

There are people who truly spend their lives giving to others, they have little concern for themselves. Their hearts, minds, time and energy are devoted to helping other people. On Wednesday I was in a room full of people like this. I felt immensely inferior to each of them because they were all talented, smart, dedicated individuals with genuine love for helping others. While I love helping others, I felt lacking in the other areas but they were kind and enthusiastic about the cause.

There are millions of people in North America (and more than a billion worldwide) who live in substandard, unsafe housing…Who live in apartments or houses that are literally falling down around them. And yet they have to make the decision to either pay rent or be able to eat, To go without heat and electricity or some other necessity to keep a roof that is not safe over their heads…but at least its a roof right. wrong! People need to have a home they can feel safe in, that they know isn’t making their family sick, or going to fall in on them, that they can be safe, proud and happy in and still survive.

Habitat for Humanity was started in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller. They had been millionaires who turned humanitarians and dedicated the rest of their lives to serving others. They created habitat for humanity with the dream and hopes of providing housing for a million people.

Millard often said “”I see life as both a gift and a responsibility. My responsibility is to use what God has given me to help his people in need.” Habitat grew from an idea he had to a worldwide organization that has housed over 400 000 and provides a new home and new hope for a family every 10 minutes somewhere in the world.

Lives are changed, communities are strengthened and the world is improved because of this dream becoming a reality. It not only changes the lives of the families who partner with Habitat and work towards getting a home but for every volunteer who is involved with them. It is an incredible organization and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to meet some of the people who have spent years changing lives. They give me hope, faith and a strengthened dedication to charity. Everyone should find a way to learn more about Habitat for Humanity and become involved in someway because I guarantee it will change your world too.

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