Count your blessings

I made this video over the weekend because I was thinking about how blessed I am.

Last winter I was taking care of my parents place when the pipes froze. I was without water for five days until I could thaw them out. I was lucky, my mom had several jugs of water in her food storage which gave me water to wash dishes and be able to flush the toilet for a couple days, there was snow on the ground that I could gather and melt to use for a couple more days. When the water finally did start flowing again I had never been so grateful to see running water again. I had a nice long hot shower and counted water as one of my many blessings.

There are millions in the world who do not have clean water. They gather their water from pollution filled lakes, rivers or resevoirs. They live their entire lives without the blessing of running water. The water they must drink often makes them sick….I am grateful that I am blessed not to live in such conditions.

I am going camping next week with some youth and one of my biggest concerns is the fact that there isn’t flushing toilets and indoor plumbing…I don’t want to have to endure four days with out such luxuries. Yet there are people in the world who live every day of their lives without having such a blessing.

Somedays I have a lot to do or don’t get paid for another couple days and I am out of bread or milk or cereal. And yet there are a billion people in the world who survive on about a $1 a day, who have no food to eat for days and weeks at a time. I am blessed to go to bed most nights with food in my stomache. I have a warm and comfortable bed in a warm and comfortable home. I am blessed with everything I need. I am immensly blessed to have all that I do. Health, a home, running water, food, clothes, indoor plumbing.

I am spending my day counting my blessings as I gain a deeper understanding each day of how many people don’t.

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