Our Great Country

It was Canada day yesterday and we celebrated our great country but sometimes I wonder if we realize just how great we have it. For my closest friend and her family this has been a week of mourning. They lost a beautiful, precious, amazing 6 year old little boy named Nolan to a brain anneurism. My heart is filled with grief for them. I can not begin to imagine the pain of such a loss.

These two things together have made me think about how lucky we are to live in Canada. Families everyday throughout the world (18 000 or more every day) lose a child under the age of five to a death related to poverty. While it seems an unexplainable tragedy and loss in Canada to lose a child so young, in some countries such as India and most in Africa….it is practically a miracle for a child to make it to the age of six. It is something that families and communities must face every single day. I pray for my friend and her family for the unpreventable death of Nolie, I also pray for the other 25 000 that lost someone to a preventable death today.

We live in a country that health care is obtainable, where food is available, where shelter is within reach, where clean water and toilets are taken for granted. We often spend our time complaining about our inept government but we have the priveledge of voting them in or out of office…many countries around the world survive under corrupt and vile governments that watch tens of thousands die every day while they live in palaces and spend more on weapons and concubines than on feeding the poor or providing clean water.

We live in a great country. We are blessed beyond what any of us realize. I look forward to travelling to India some day in the next few years, to do my part, to realize even more profoundly how truly blessed I am and to try to change the world for one or two people…..I hope that you will find a way to help change the world for someone too.

Have you gone to the Click to donate sites? Have you taken two minutes out of your luxury filled day to click the mouse to donate to those who don’t even have the basic necessities of life. Millions of dollars can be donated to charities helping the less fortunate every year just because you take the time to click a few buttons. You can help change a life today without even moving from your easy chair. There is ALWAYS something you can do to make the world a better place for someone else!!! Have a blessed day 🙂

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