My Alphabet of Gratitude :)

I had a really lazy day. I haven’t been feeling well so spent the past few days resting and hiding from the world but while I was avoiding all I had to do I thought I would list some of the things I am grateful for in life. So I have come up with some ABC’s of gratitude. Of coarse if listed in order of importance my family and friends would come first. This is just a small fraction of the blessings in my world….

A is for apple crisp, warm out of the oven. I am grateful for all the ingredients and for dad being able to mix them just right. Apple crisp is a nice treat that can brighten a day and be oh so yummy. I am thankful for angels who are disguised as friends and for the gift of appreciation. I am grateful for animals and for the alphabet. I couldn’t write these words or know what to say without it.

B is for first of all Bop (the nickname for my daughter) she is the light of my life. She is incredible…B is also for bubble baths that take any stress away. I don’t have a bathtub in my apartment so find them to be even more special when I get to take one. B is for mom’s banana bread that smells and tastes so good. I was blessed with two parents that are fabulous bakers and cooks…it is a wonder I am not five hundred pounds there care packages are always so good.

C is for computers so I can write random thoughts of silliness and feel like I am sharing them with the world, connect with friends on facebook and email and take notes really fast is school. C is also for college which I am grateful to be in and I am thankful for Canada the amazing country I live in. I think God must have known that I was a whimp and couldn’t live the hard life that much of the world must endure.I am thankful for cereal which is usually at least two of my meals through out the day…And of coarse C is definately for chocolate!!! and dad’s famous chocolate chip cookie or chocolate mousse! Chaos my cat must be listed here or I may have to sleep with one eye open as I am sure she reads my posts when I am not around.

D is for deodorant invented in 1888. What a smelly world this must have been before that invention came along and someone should tell the guy on the bus that there are many brands to choose from so he should try it sometime :). D is also for drive in movies while I haven’t gone to one since I was a kid I have great memories of the excitement of going to a drive in with my family, my brother and I playing on the playground til the dancing soda cups and hotdogs were on the screen. D is also for drinking straws that are bendy. Whenever I was sick as a kid mom used to bring me gingerale or apple juice with a bendy drinking straw. It made me feel better.

E is for everything that makes life easy. Like electricity and elavators, email and elastic. E is also for eagles cause they are beautiful birds and for engines so we can have cars and planes and things that go vroom.

F is for friends which I am lucky to have and for fabrics to make all our clothes, I would hate to be in a world where we didn’t have clothing to wear or blankets to snuggle into. I am thankful for fireflies that made camping as a kid at night fun. My brother and I would take jars and chase them. F is for family and fires we would have roasting marshmallows and telling stories and having fun. I am also thankful for Forks cause I could never get the hang of chopsticks and forks have come in handy through life so far.

G is for glasses to hold my juice and glasses to help others see. Glass in general can go on the list cause it enhances my life by letting light in my apartment too…G is for glue and grocery stores and gummy worms which all make my life better in their own way. G is for giraffes that look so graceful. I plan to see one living in the wild some day. I’m also thankful for guitars that add music and creativity to life.

H is for honey that is made by the bees. I like it on my toast and in herbal teas. H is for homes I have been blessed to live in. I am blessed to live in a time and place where I have always had a warm and comfortable home. Hands are an H I’m thankful for cause life would be tough without them.

I is for incubators for newborns, ice to cool me down when I am warm. I is also for ice hockey, instruments, instant mashed potatoes and ice cream. All of these have made a day better by being around. I am thankful for inspiration and inspiring people and stories, for imagination that keeps life from getting boring. I am thankful for the inventors of the world and the inventions they create.

J is for jungle gyms that let children have fun. It’s also for junk drawers of which I have three, my life with out them would be even more messy. J is for jammies that make sick days more comfy and jelly that makes pb and j sandwiches what they are.

K is for kangaroos, kaolas and kittens. They all make the world a more beautiful place. K is for kites that make a kid smile. k is for kids that make me smile.

L is for love that makes life worth living. It’s also for lions, lillies and lakes all can be majestic and make the world a more beautiful place. L is for licorice and for lactose too. That’s right Inot only tolerate lactose, I like it :D. L is also for laughter, one of the things I am most thankful for cause laughter makes everything better.

M is for mothers, maple syrup and music all which make the world a better place. M is for macaroni and cheese, marigolds and make believe. It’s for mannequins that show me what clothes should look like when on and for make up that hides what I look like at times. It’s for maps to help the directionally challenged get by and for the military that protects my freedoms and rights.

N is for numbers that help us keep track. Numbers are a huge part of daily life. N is also for naps which are awesome when you can have one. N is for nature in all of its glory.

O is for oranges, octupuses and orangatangs. All fun to draw and add character to the world we live in. And since I am getting older I am thankful for Oil of Olay that will hopefully help wrinkles to fade. I am thankful for Oak trees and oceans and the show the Office (it makes me laugh)

P is for porridge and phones and pictures that hold memories. I am thankful for pansies like the ones my grandma used to grow in the beautiful gardens she had. P is for policemen and women who protect us from harm and for packages that come in the mail from family and friends with just small things to let you know they are thinking of me. And I am thankful for peace in my life that took a long time to come. I am thankful for poetry and pandas and penguins too. The kind that play hockey and the ones that you find in the zoo.

Q is for Quincy that old medical show. My mom and I would watch it together when I was younger. Q is for the qualities my friends and family have and for questions that enable the world to be better. Cause if it wasn’t for questions we wouldn’t know to look for the answers.

R is for roses and rabbits and rocking chairs. It’s for roads that make travelling easier and for running shoes. R is for rivers of fresh water and reading and for rainbows in the sky. R is for raspberries and the colour red which add flavour and brightness to the world.

S is for smiles that are genuine, for sunny days and summertime. S is for sista’s- the chosen kind. S is for school and for slip and slides and for swings. S is for song birds and the songs is sings. I am grateful for the Sacrament and Sundays in general, for safety and for socks and for shoes and for sand to make sandcastles on a bright warm sunny day.

T is for tigers and tulips and thunderstorms as long as I am watching for safely inside. I’m thankful for talents and tools that help bring them out and teachers that encourage their growth. Oh yeah and I am thankful for toilet paper!

U is for umbellas that protect me from rain and for the story of the Ugly duckling. It gave me hope when I was a kid that I too could become more than I was. I’m grateful that everyone is unique and for unicorns and unbelievable imaginary things.

V is for violets and violins. It is for vegetables that help us grow strong and for veterans that fought for everyone. I am thankful for vaccines that keep us healthy and for videogames and video taping machines. I am grateful for my vision and my voice.

W is for willlow trees like the one that was in my grandparents backyard by the pond. I am grateful for water and for washing machines. I am thankful for windows, and for Walt Disney both let me see the world in a brand new way. I am grateful for washrooms and for water balloons, for wishes and for wax candles.

X is for xerox machines cause I have to make 250 copies of something this week and it sure would suck to have to do them by hand.

Y is for you. Whoever you are I am thankful you would take the time to read this, and for all that you do for those around you. I am thankful for yams that are cooked just right and for my yard that is green and beautiful.

Z is for zoos that treat their animals right, for zebras and for moments that are zen. Z is for my new zest for life.

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One Response to My Alphabet of Gratitude :)

  1. Gnarfflinger says:

    A lot of things we take for granted. You’d be surprised how easy that can become.

    Here’s my try…

    A: I gotta give it to you for mentioning apple crisp. My favourite desert. Answers is another thing I’m grateful for–even when they lead to more questions, at least the next question is better than the previous one. And even though they are collectively maligned, I’m grateful for Americans. I don’t find them any different from the people I see here in Canada, but as a society they do more for us than we may realize. With summer upon us, I again remember how great Air conditioning is.

    B: Bananas–Not just for banana bread, but banana splits, banana milk (Although I wish I could find it in places other than Wal-Mart), Banana cream pie. I gotta think of something other than desert or I’ll gain back some weight I’ve lost. B also gives us Best friends. plural because we all need more than just one. They are the ones that stand out from the crowd. the ones that know the right thing to say and do to change a foul mood. Books are another thing I amn grateful for too. Even though I don’t read enough, the way that ideas and entertainment can be shared with people the author has never heard of is more amazing than we sometimes realize. Some of the books I have were written by people that have been dead for centuries before I was born. And I can’t forget bacon. Not much by itself, but it makes almost anything better.

    C: Computers is obvious here too. I find them so helpful that I couldn’t retire the old desktop when I got my laptop last winter. Without my computer, I’d have a much smaller social network. When you count the number of people I’ve met through computer activities and add in the ones I’d have lost contact with without my computer, my life would be really empty. As I’ve been writing this, I have to add the cursor keys, as I get part way through only to remember something I should have thought of earlier. I can’t live without comedy. I need something funny to laugh at or I’ll go insane…

    D: Doritos–Superman has kryptonite, I have Doritos. At least I enjoy my weakness. Dancing is something I used to enjoy, but I miss now that I’m not as young as I once was. I’m also grateful for Dungeons and Dragons, a game that has kept my mind active for over 25 years, and has introduced me to many great people. There’s also Dollar stores–a great place to get the little things you need but almost never think of.

    E: Electricity, because without it, many of the things I list here wouldn’t work.

    F: Friends. You may not see them all the time, but for the times you do spend with them, there’s the fellowship and laughter that makes the night memorable. Food is the building block of life, and without it, we’d starve. And Family can’t be forgotten. Sure they may grind your gears on a daily basis, but who’s there when you need someone most? Add in the uncles, aunts and cousins at larger gatherings and you have a lot of fun to be had. And I have to admit Facebook is on the list. A great social tool for meeting new and unsusual people.

    G: God. Without Him, there’s no direction in life. There wouldn’t be any life period! I’m also grateful for games, my greatest source of enjoyment over the last 35 years.

    H: Health is another thing that’s easy to take for granted, but after having some serious problems, it’s more noticable now. Hockey–even when the Leafs are out of the playoffs. When you’re just watching a game it’s easier to notice the eye popping skill that these players posess. This may sound strange, but I have to include Heavy Metal music. It stands out there with no shame. It carries its message with no apology. I have been a metal head for nearly 25 years, and it’s never let me down. It can even get my but off a chair and get me moving in ways that nothing else can. I have to be thankful for holidays too. It brings family and friends together in ways that can be planned, so that no one person has to carry all the burdens.

    I: Obviously the Internet, which allows me to access kindred spirits all over the world. It lets me keep in touch with people that used to be close but now are far away. Intelligence is helpful too. Sometimes there’s a problem that just needs to be solved, and intelligence will make it easier…

    J: Junk food. When you’re hungry but don’t want a full meal, a little junk food makes a world of difference.

    K: Knowledge is something else we take for granted. It’s nice to have little pieces of information to share with others. I have to include kindred spirits. The people that you may not know well enough to consider friends (if you’ve even met at all), but they share a passion with you. It’s nice to know that we’re not really alone.

    L: I’m thankful for my lap–a convenient place to set something when I need my hands for something else. Lawnchairs are nice too. Even though this may be painful to admit, but lost loved ones. They each had their things to teach us in the time they were in our lives, and in some cases, I’ve learned from the loss as well.

    M: This may sound strange, but Marijuana. I haven’t touched it in over 8 years, and haven’t been a heavy smoker in over a decade, but I’m grateful for my experiences with weed. It taught me that relief from my afflictions can come with a heavy price. It taught me that hiding from my problems doesn’t solve anything. And it showed me the alternative to sobriety. Messenger programs are also nice. they let me talk to people in far away lands–like my cousin in Switzerland. And for messages I need to edit, a mouse works wonders.

    N: Note cards, without which I’d forget some important things. They help me track information, do quick math, even store little ideas I want to explore further…

    O: Oxygen is important for those of us that like to breathe. I also have to give thanks for optimism–the hope that things will be better than they are now. I couldn’t live without that hope.

    P: Pictures to help me remember things I want to remember. Pizza is a convenient comfort food that can’t be forgotten.

    Q: Qi–helpful for all those times I get a Q but no U in Lexulous. You taught me that one!

    R: I’m grateful for the chance to rest and relax once in a while. It’s nice to watch something that’s funny but not intellectually demanding. I need to take time to do that more often, instead of sitting around with my brain spinning like a hyperactive hamster in a wheel. I’m also thankful for refrigerators that keep food fresh.

    S: Service has enabled me to make some major changes in my life without really thinking about it. I used to take my strength for granted or think I wasn’t strong enough. I can remember being uncomfortable when moving freezers and fridges. I’m also thankful for showers–perhaps not as grateful as those around me. I’m also thankful for scriptures, without which the wisdom of the ancients would be lost. Those that won’t learn from history will inevitably repeat it…

    T: I’m thankful for transportation, which enables me to get to where I need to go. I can’t walk as far as I used to. I have a love hate relationship with television, but I can never remember a time when it offered absolutely nothing of interest. There’s also this taco dip that I like to mix up. I have to get my veggies somehow…

    U: U is for anything useful. You’d be surprised how useful something can be in the right situation.

    V: Vegetable cocktails which make a nice, convenient way to get the vegetables I need to be healthy and strong.

    W: I’m grateful for wisdom that I try to guide my actions by. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s quite helpful.

    X: I’m thankful for X-ray machines, which helped show my chiropractor just how badly I screwed up my back.

    Y: I’m thankful for you. Not trying to get mushy, but I can’t imagine my life had you not came into it. You’ve done your best to make me think instead of just sit there.

    Z: Zork was one of the first attempts to make an adventure RPG for a computer. maybe it wasn’t anything fancy, but a whole genre of games I’ve enjoyed over the years trace back to that one humble attempt.

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