I am happy….

What a great inspiring story this is, helps me realize yet again that it does not matter what you are facing, what your circumstances are….it is a choice whether you decide to be happy and be an inspiration or not…. We make dozens of choices a day. This morning I had to make the choice when my alarm went off whether I was going to roll over, snuggle in and go back to sleep or if I was going to get up and head to my early morning class. I had the choice to be nice to the people who were around me or to not pay attention to them, I made the choice to eat healthy or not, I made the choice to make the most out of today or not. Everything I do is a choice. I can choose to take even just one steps towards my long term goal or to do nothing and be in the same place I was yesterday or a month or a year ago. I can choose to be grateful for all that I have, the experiences I am given that help me grow and to be happy or I can choose to focus on the negative. What will your choice be today….will you be happy? or make excuses….

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2 Responses to I am happy….

  1. CSea Perkins says:

    Grateful for sharing the inspiration and positive use of our thoughts, words and actions.

    You have an excellent site.

    • thecrazylady says:

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to stop by my blog and the kindness of your comment. I really appreciate it and hope you continue to enjoy 🙂 Have a blessed day!

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