My A B C’s of Gratitude today

A is for Air, without it we couldn’t breath. It’s for ability, without which we could not suceed.

B is for balloons that signify a celebration. It is also for Birds that fly in the sky and sing a song of beauty.

C is for compassion which makes my heart warm when witnessed and my life enriched when experienced. It is also for challenges that help me grow as a person.

D is for dad who supports me no matter what, and for the deer I see on my morning walk- they are incredible creatures and I am grateful I have the chance to see them.

E is for energy to get through the day or for early mornings that are peaceful and beautiful and perfect.

F is for forgiveness which is a gift to be cherished. It also is for friends that make life more fun and meaningful.

G is for goals that give me something to strive for, it is for grain that makes the cereal and bread I eat.

H is for having a home that I love and feel comfortable in, for happiness that I once considered out of my reach. For hamsters that brought me joy when I was a kid and for hearing that lets me enjoy music, the laughter of others and the stories of friends. H is for my heart that beats within my chest.

I is for intelligence and the internet that keeps me connected to friends. It is for ideas that bring everything to pass and for ice cream.

J is for jogging which relaxes me and brings me joy. J is for jokes that are funny and make me chuckle 🙂

K is for kaleidoscopes that make pretty shapes into beautiful designs that show me that being unique is wonderful

L is for my life which I am grateful to have and all the love I have been blessed with. It is for lessons that I have had the chance to learn and for all the ones that await me on my journey.

M is for my mom who is an amazing woman. It is for music that can touch the heart and for the melodies that it brings to the world.

N is for nurturing people that I have been blessed to be associated with and emotionally touched by. It is for nurses that care for loved ones when they are sick. For Novels that I can immerse myself in.

O is for oranges that give me vitamins and are delicious. It is for ornaments that decorate the Christmas tree, some of my favorites were made by my daughter and me.

P is for prayers that help to give me peace and understanding. It is for passion fruit and papaya and for paper and pencil that are here for me to write letters to friends and draw pictures. It is for pockets and purses so I can carry stuff with me. It is for primary and getting to serve there.

Q is for quilts made lovingly by hand and for always having a quarter when I need to use the pay phone. (well actually two quarters are needed now 🙂

R is for Relief Society, an organization that I feel blessed to be a part of even when I can’t go. It is also for rabbits that I see on my front lawn, for railways that allowed my daughter and I to travel through four provinces and make memories that I will forever cherish.

S is for sleep which sometimes is a gift that refreshes and energizes and can be so sweet. S is for sports which I enjoy watching and playing. They teach team work and confidence and keep us physically fit.

T is for television which I like to watch or have in the background as a gentle noise and for telephones which let me talk to family and friends who are far away.

U is for understanding that I have ever been shown.

V is for vacuums to clean up my home and for v-8 juice that keeps me feeling strong.

W is for water to swim in, wash and drink. It is for waffles on a Saturday morning. It is for long walks.

X is for the two X chromosomes that made me female 🙂

Y is for the young women I am honoured to know and the youth program that helps them grow into the smart, caring, kind hearted youth they are.

Z is for ziplock bags filled with goodies that my mom and dad lovingly placed in my fridge on Sunday when they came to visit.

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