Alright, who peed in my cornflakes…and why are all the birds drunk?

Ok so today was one of those days…you know the kind. We all have them. I woke up late and as I am rushing to head out the door I spill my herbal tea all over my shirt and my box of cornflakes across the table with them scattering onto the floor…so that didn’t help at all with the lateness thing! Then as I am running to catch the bus I remember why I never wear the shoes I put on today…Blisters! But alas, I finally get to class– for a test that counts as 20% of my final mark in Palliative Care. I don’t do tests or exams well. In fact you could call it a sickening, phobia, anxiety kinda thing. I just want to get them over with before I hurl all over the place or run out of the room screaming…. The teacher isn’t there…the rest of the class is there and everyone has their clothes on so I know this isn’t one of my pretest nightmares where I miss the test or show up in my underwear….the teacher ended up being stuck on the 401 for a half and hour. I wonder if that excuse would have worked for any of us that were there on time???

At this point I felt like saying “HEY!!! the rule is suppose to be that if a student shows up late for a test or exam…they are not allowed to write it! What is the rule if a teacher shows up late??? They shouldn’t be allowed to give it!” She gave us an extra fifteen minutes, which didn’t make much difference to me as I was done it in twenty minutes anyway….I think I did well but who knows with the way today was going. By the end of my second class I had a headache and was so irritated it was like my entire face was twitching and a jack hammer was going off (Hey I never said all my posts would be uplifting and cheery lol!!! You can stop reading at any point :))

After school…it was starting to really cloud over and beginning to rain so I hobble on the bus with my bad attitude, killer headache, heavy backpack and blistered feet longing to get home and slip into a pair of pj’s and sleep the rest of the day away! There were only four seats without someone else sitting in them. Three of the seats are near the window but there are grumpy looking men sitting in the seats beside them that do not move over and just stare blankly at me as I stop and wait for them to allow me, or someone else to sit there….I guess they thought their three dollars paid for as many seats as they wanted!!! As I am standing there cursing them in my head and trying to go to my happy place in my mind…I realize that I need to get cat food or I will have a very cranky cat when I get home.

I stop at Walmart and pick up some tuna, and a ten dollar rain jacket because I didn’t own one and it was downpouring by now….the jacket was not really to keep me dry, I ended up wrapping it around my backpack so that my enormously heavy (or so it seemed today) laptop and school books didn’t get ruined….after all I am not sugar I won’t melt! (especially today I do not feel too sweet). I left the store and proceeded to wait in the rain for a half an hour for the bus(cause as I walked out of the store it was rushing by)….finally I make it to my stop and walk the long 25 minutes to my home (it is a pleasant walk on a sunny day).. to find that my very aggrevated (and lucky it is not now a dead) cat had decided to let me know just how mad she was by peeing on my pillow that had fallen on the floor during my mad dash to leave the house in the morning. That is the last time I forget to give her treats before I leave 🙂 I peeled all my wet clothes into a heap on the dresser, kicked my drenched shoes off and left everything where I drop it so I could find some peace as I melt into my bed….Knock, knock…

of coarse this is the day that someone stops in unannounced to drop something off to me! I think I have had maybe four visitors in the entire time I lived here…most other days it is presentable and no one stops by….but of coarse today is the day so I apologize for the mess but know that there is nothing I can really say as she manuvers around the obstacle course that looks like the wake of a tornado…

I know these are all small things and this bad day is nothing compared to what millions in the world go through but it was one of those days that could drive a person to drink  since I am not a drinker I decided to try to cheer myself up by looking for odd news to make me chuckle… I found one that hit me as funny, I don’t know if it was the tylenol I took, the fact that I was over tired or just that sometimes all you can do is laugh but what is the world coming to when even the birds are getting loaded to get through their day???


Birds struck down by the as-yet-unidentified illness in Darwin show classic signs of human drunkenness, apparently losing all coordination before passing out. When they wake up, they cower in cages as they recover from their “hangovers”.

The affliction is seasonal, with most lorikeets recovering within a few weeks, only to become ill again at the same time the following year.

 “They definitely seem like they’re drunk,” said Lisa Hansen, a veterinary surgeon at the Ark Animal Hospital in Palmerston, near Darwin.

“They fall out of trees… and they’re not so coordinated as they would normally be. They go to jump and they miss the next perch.”

Ms Hansen said nobody was sure what was causing the symptoms, although it may be a plant they are eating. Other theories include an outbreak of a mystery virus.

She said the hospital was caring for about 30 birds at a time, with eight arriving each day after being scooped up from lawns and roadsides.

The birds are given sweetened porridge and fresh fruit – the avian version of hangover food.

“It’s probably the equivalent of ice-cream and cans of coke for the lorikeets,” she said.

“They sit on the floor of the cage and rest their heads on the side, or they curl up in the corner and hide under the paper and block the rest of the world out.”


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One Response to Alright, who peed in my cornflakes…and why are all the birds drunk?

  1. blackwatertown says:

    What a day,
    That cat is lucky you are merciful.

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