Don Cherry’s Telling A Story and Robin Williams is Carol Channing

The friends who know me the best laughed their heads off at my post yesterday and were thrilled to tell me so cause they knew I would appreciate it.They know that I was laughing at myself and how the day went…not complaining about it. You see I love to laugh at my own life and I love to make others laugh too. Most of my friends, and all of my close friends and family have an incredible sense of humour.

 In my professional transitions class yesterday we were talking about choices and the two ways that you can live your life– you can either be a victim of your life or be accountable for your life. You can choose how you deal with every situation. There is humour in everything if you look hard enough for it. That is why I love good stand up comedy and improv.  I love to laugh at life. I have learned to choose to be happy no matter what, sure I have my bad days but I take accountability for my life and have chosen to see the good and the humour in every situation rather than focus on the bad.

There are others who will look at the bad or focus on the problem no matter what. That too is a choice. People can pick apart anything and look for the negative or be judgemental if that is the choice they make. There is good and bad in everything. I think that people who focus on themselves all the time will ultimately find the negative in things, they find fault with others or focus on what is wrong with a situation or person rather than what is right.

I had to laugh as I read the story below about Ron MacLean and Don Cherry. I am sure we have all met people (in fact I met Don Cherry once…but that’s another story) who are so self absorbed that they focus more on the fact that they were in the middle of a story than that someone is drowning beside them lol…

PHILADELPHIA – “Hockey Night in Canada” fixture Ron MacLean was part of a heroic river rescue in the City of Brotherly Love on Thursday.

 MacLean was having lunch on a patio by the Delaware River with Don Cherry when a woman with a “heavy French accent” came in and said “help, help there’s someone in the water.”

 “There was four or five of us around,” said MacLean, who was taking a break from filming segments for one of Cherry’s “Rock ’em Sock ’em” videos.

 “We jump up and I grabbed a velvet rope off one of the dividers they have in the restaurant,” he said.

 “I thought that’d be useful to help pull the guy out of the water.”

 MacLean said he jumped over a wrought-iron railing they have around the patio and went down to the river.

 Another man, “I think the husband or boyfriend … of the woman,” had already jumped into the river to assist.

 “He had already stripped down and was just in his underwear and jumped into the water and pulled the man over onto a raft,” MacLean said.

 The man had apparently been trying to take his own life.

 “His throat was all wrapped up in sort-of clear packaging tape and he had rope around him,” he said.

 MacLean said he and a couple of staff from the hotel helped to pull the man from the raft onto the wharf.

 “I just reached down with my right arm and two of the staff from the hotel used the velvet rope, then we pulled him up out of the water.”

 The person who had jumped in to save the man was able to climb out.

 “He’s the guy who saved him,” MacLean added.

Though he heard the man was trying to kill himself, MacLean said man appeared grateful for being saved.

“There was kind of a blur and then there was a lot of commotion,” MacLean said of the incident.

“When I finally get back to Don, he said, ‘Well that’s just great, I was telling a great story about Dave Bolland and you go running off.’ “

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