Word Travels…and some day I will too :)

Well I should be studying, I have six midterms next week…but since I am the queen procrastinator, I thought this was a great time to update my blog…after all it has been about a week and I don’t want to get lax on my writing. How can I be a true writer if I don’t practise my craft. Besides I couldn’t study while one of my favorite shows was on. Word Travels has caught my attention for a while now. It inspires me, I love it. It was actually what gave me the idea of combining my passion for helping people and goal to travel to India to build a health care/ family center with my passion for writing.

I am more determined then ever to reach my goals. I keep having people put in my life who help me realize how important it is and how blessed I am. I am doing my community placement working with elderly individuals. One of the wonderful clients I have had the chance to meet is a lady who until recently was quite independent, but after a fall where she was stuck for several hours between her vanity and the wall she has quickly gone down hill in her thoughts, mind and physical ability. She was fine one day and had given up hope and the good fight the next. It is amazing how quickly things can change. One second can change an entire life. I realize more and more how important it is to make each minute count…now don’t get me wrong I still indulge in my mindless tv shows and doodling when avoiding stuff but I am so happy to be working towards some good goals. I am trying to let those who matter to me know just how important they are and to try to make a difference in the lives of those around me. I guess I am trying to make sure I evolve a little each day.

So I took some time to play a game and listen to memories of some elderly friends who felt lonely and forgotten, wrote some thank you notes and love notes to friends who make a difference in my life, emailed my folks to remind them how much I love them and am grateful for them, prayed for some who I know are struggling and thanked my Father in Heaven for all the blessings that I have in my life. He has given me some great gifts and talents to help me get through life…I hope I use them the best way possible. I even made a list of some of the talents and gifts He gave me, so I don’t take them for granted and can better focus on how to use them in the best way possible…Yea I will do anything to avoid studying lol…but it is worth taking a few minutes each day to recognize the good things, traits and gifts that you have been given and figuring out how to use them to help others and yourself 🙂

Well…I will write more later, maybe even list my gifts….hopefully by then you have thought of a few of yours…there…you are already thinking of a few, aren’t you? keep thinking there are tons! Now what are you going to do with them??? I am going to use mine to study for a bit and try to stay on the honour roll this term too 🙂

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One Response to Word Travels…and some day I will too :)

  1. Gnarfflinger says:

    I guess the hard thing about goals is trying to figure out how to get there. And when all you notice are doors being slammed in your face, it’s easy to abandon some noble goals. In my past, I may have allowed myself to become sidetracked from a noble goal, not just with alcohol, partying and games, but also with the intellectualism of the “Ivory Tower”. I got so fascinated with the theory that I lost sight of the goal I had–to help real people through difficult times.

    But don’t neglect the mindless activities, like some games and tv shows. You need to give your brain a rest too. Just remember to start back in with the studies too. Maybe having class mates available to just discuss what you’re learned will keep it fresh in your mind without being as taxing as sitting there with a text book cramming facts into your head.

    I guess what makes this part of my life so hard is that I don’t see what’s “right” with me, and feel bombarded with what’s wrong with me. And sometimes I see a skill I’ve developed or talent that I seem to have, but fail to see actual value in it. But then again, maybe some of my experiences might help someone else–after all, if you can’t be a good example, maybe it’s better to be a good warning…

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