Toilet Paper, The Cookie Monster and Heart Attacks..When I Grow Up I Want To Be Betty White!!!

As a teenager some friends and I would show our affection for others by tping their homes. We would sneak over after dark and bombard their trees, house and yard with toilet paper. I have great memories of laughing hysterically with them and trying to quietly make our get away as we stiffled our giggles and headed to the next unsuspecting victims. They were always other friends houses and we learned which parents had a sense of humour or were at least tolerant enough to not get a shot gun and take us out. Now that I am an adult with a million things on my to-do list each day I realize just how understanding the parents were and how lucky we were not to be lynched or at least severely scolded for creating such a mess. I wonder today how many times we tp-ed someones house right before a warm summer rain and can vividly picture the soggy, irritating disaster we must have developed for them…like a sharmin factory exploded on their property. If I remember correctly we even made the mistake of thinking my usually hilarious parents would feel left out if we didn’t target them on one occasion…not once thinking of the fact that I was the teenager in the house, and you guessed it…the clean up was left to me. I didn’t comprehend why they didn’t see the humour in it…I mean so what if we had a pool…lol. You don’t really think of the consquences or cost of your actions when you are young.

As I got older I changed my ways of showing affection. My daughter and I would sometimes bake cookies or squares and package them in a pretty box, leaving them on a friends doorstep as we rang the bell and ran to hide, leaving a note saying “Just wanted you to know we love you…signed the cookie monsters”. It was a lot of fun and I can still see the excitement on my daughters face as we waited in the shadows to see the smiling faces of those we had surprized. It is among the many great memories I will cherish from my daughter’s young years. She loves helping others and serving her fellow men. I am so grateful for her kind heart and gentle spirit.

Now instead of tp-ing someones house I will occasionally give them a heart attack. Not one that requires an ambulance but one that leaves paper or foam hearts with little notes telling them why they are special to me all over their door or car. It is much easier to clean up and reminds someone what their gifts are that make them special. It is a great way to surprize someone and make their day. Many of us get so busy and caught up with life that we forget how many people care about us, or what we add to the lives of those around us.

It amazes me how often people take the time to complain when something is wrong or doesn’t go their way and how seldom people stop to compliment someone or remind them of the good things they do. I try to make it a part of my life to let people know the good things and not to concentrate or think about the bad. What a difference it makes in my life…the more good things I recognize the more there seems to be. It is all about what you concentrate on in your day…if you look at the negative or concentrate on the dark clouds you never notice the beautiful sunset or the majestic rainbows.

Humour and attitude make all the difference in life. It is not about what happens to you but how you decide to face it that counts. I have decided when I grow up (you see I am about to start my second childhood 🙂 I want to be Betty White. She has been making people laugh for sixty years and has an amazing sense of humour. She is loved by thousands and can always laugh at herself. At 88 she is still going strong and still full of life and laughter.

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One Response to Toilet Paper, The Cookie Monster and Heart Attacks..When I Grow Up I Want To Be Betty White!!!

  1. Gnarfflinger says:

    You got off lucky. If my parents ever heard of me doing something like that, I’d be cleaning up the neighbour’s yard. They might even TP someone else’s yard just to make me clean that up too so I learn my lesson.

    I don’t know if I could do the cookie thing. I’d likely eat more than I gave away. For someone who used to be over 300 lbs and would like to lose more weight still, that wouldn’t help.

    I guess any sneaky way to tell people I love them wouldn’t work so well. Considering my size and the fact that most of my footwear has steel toes and soles, stealth is out of the question.

    I guess compliments don’t come naturally, but complaint seems automatic. Maybe we’re just so busy complaining that we don’t notice the things that call for a compliment. But Sometimes compliments may seem more awkward. Sometimes the things we admire in someone are so emotionally charged that we can’t simply say them and move on. Maybe that’s just something I need to work on.

    I would have chose George Carlin for a comedic role model. Sure his material may be less polite or simply inappropriate for all settings, but he saw the simpla peculiarities of life and found an incredible amount of humour in them. And he could skewer someone who did richly deserve it for the behaviour, not something personal…

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