Teach an old dog new tricks cause possibilities are limitless

As part of my quest to become a better, more well rounded person I decided to learn new things, get outside my comfort zone, and see what I can do. This week it was sign language. I have started with the alphabet. It is not a lot, nothing grandios but I can now do my a,b,c’s quite well. I am learning other signs as well. I want to be able to understand and carry on a conversation if I ever need to. I don’t ever want to come across a hearing impaired client or person in a situation outside of health care who doesn’t feel they can communicate with me.

Communication is a huge part of everything. It can bring comfort, understanding, knowledge and build friendships. Everyone in the world should know that there is someone who cares what they have to say. I am starting to learn simple phrases in other languages as well but wanted to start with sign language and build the skill.

This has certainly been a year of learning, growth and finding confidence. School is obviously teaching me incredible things. I got to hold a human rib cage, touch a heart, and lungs and see the miraculous human body from the inside. I learned to be incredibly grateful for the bodies we have and how intricate they are. I went camping with about 80 youth who taught me about life, courage, love and kindness. I learned confidence as I went through these experiences. I have learned how much I truly have to be grateful for, how many friends I have and how blessed I am with a best friend who is strong, caring, incredible. I have learned exactly how amazing my parents and daughter are. They are a strength, comfort and joy to me.  While I knew many of these things before I have learned to appreciate how precious they really are. I have learned that I am worth loving, that I am talented, that I am capable. It has been a year that has created excitement for the future and the desire to learn as much as I can. I have learned from the elderly I have worked with and volunteered with how important relationships and communication are in life. I have learned how precious our time is and what great things can be accomplished if you only try. I have learned that there are millions of people in the world who need a friend, a comforter, a person to listen, to be there, to care. I have learned it is possible for anyone who puts their mind to it to become an angel to another simply by being there by showing they care. I have learned I have such people in my life and I want to spend my life showing others that I care.

So I am going to see how much I can learn, how many I can communicate with and where the road of life takes me 🙂 What have you learned today?

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