When No One Is Looking Dance, In The End You Simply Have To Care

It has been a hectic week so far, and it is only early  Wednesday morning. Over Thanksgiving weekend I worked three 12 hour shifts and tried to prepare for my midterm exams. I learned how to clean an ostomy bag and how to deal with the frustration of working with someone who seems to be in the wrong career choice, because she just doesn’t seem to care about the clients she works with. As someone who does care, who tries to treat each client as I would my own mom, dad or brother I found it disheartening to see someone treat them with disregard. I love what I do, bed pans and all. I love knowing that I made someone’s day a little easier, a little brighter, giving all that I can…

A friend, who has been a great support, thought with the hectic week that I am having that I might need a reminder as to why I am having sleepless nights to work and study and reach for my dream. He sent me the above video, that a co worker sent him and it brought it all back into perspective again. I do celebrate the small victories. I do learn more from my patients than they learn from me, and night shift does eat anything.

I am grateful for the caregivers and nurses and teachers and friends who are examples to me. Who do give it their all and care more. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to realize my dream and the support of family and friends who remind me I am doing the right thing. Who helped me get where I am today and help me realize where I can be tomorrow. I am thankful for PSW’s who go the extra mile to care for a stranger as if they were family and nurses who do all they can to provide comfort and kindness. I am thankful for those who know that the job is more than a job, it is a calling….for everytime you have done something for someone and not expected or received gratitude…. for every time in your professional or personal life when you have shown that you care not because of who they are but because that is who you are…….THANK YOU!!!!

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One Response to When No One Is Looking Dance, In The End You Simply Have To Care

  1. Gnarfflinger says:

    I remember a line, I think it was from a Transformer’s comic. “The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance.” I wonder if your colleague hasn’t become jaded with the things she sees on daily basis. As people come and go, the individuality may seem lost, and instead it’s “just another bed pan”. That’s where the vigilance comes in. It’s important to keep focused.

    I have to say I envy you, in that you have a direction to move. You’ve found where you belong. How many people never find that?

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