Believe in Yourself and Prepare For Failure

Self confidence is something that many people struggle with their whole lives, for others it takes a major event or failure to cause them to question their abilities, others proceed with faith and perseverance until failure becomes success.  My mom gave me a rubber stamp for scrapbooking that she got because it has the words “Everything happens for a reason” on it. That is something that I say often, it is something that I believe wholeheartedly. It is important for each of us to find our own journey and realize our own potential and worth, accepting the person we are for our strengths, weaknesses, talents and fears. We are a glorious work in progress. I think finding peace, happiness and growth comes from accepting who we are, as we really are…full of potential and learning constantly…if we could always remember that about others and ourselves it would be a more unconditionally loving and gentler world that could accomplish miracles and save each other…every great movement, every humanitarian act, every miracle or accomplishment starts with faith and the ability to see potential for greatness.

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