Families, Friends and Goodbyes

Today I saw an old friend. Its been many years since we had seen each other…since highschool …so more years than I am willing to admit. We spent semesters of highschool walking the halls and malls talking about life. Today though I searched for words as I was introduced to his beautiful, strong, grief stricken family outside the funeral of his 17 year old daughter Kaitlynn. She was loved by many, she inspired many, she forever changed the hearts of all who knew her. I did not know Kaitlynn. I wish I had the honour of getting to know her in this life.  Those who do know her spoke of the kindness, joy, strength, love, charity and peace of her Spirit and heart. I look forward to meeting her in the next life.

There are never the right words to say at the celebration of life for someone who is so loved. I saw a family that was heart broken and who had lost a part of their own soul with Kaitlynn. I pray that they will find comfort, continued strength and peace. I know that they will see Kaitlynn again and that her spirit and love are blessing the spirit world as they did this one.

As I drove the  1 and 1/2 hr drive home I had time to reflect. I thought of how we let life get in the way of the important things…the important people. We care about people and think of them often but weeks, months, years or decades can go by before we talk. We get caught up in the clutter of life and don’t always take time to be there for each other, or to keep connections. Facebook has been a help in keeping many friends or acquaintances in touch. Though that often is only on birthdays or when an embarrassing photo is posted that you can’t resist commenting on.

I cherish the friendships and family I have. I am eternally grateful for the people who bring joy to my spirit, who make my life worthwhile. I have so many incredible friends and family and loved ones that have blessed and enhanced and helped my life be what it is today rich with memories, laughter, joy, peace. My life is filled with the most amazing people whom I love. We often say goodbye without knowing for how long or in which life we will embrace again. I am grateful for those whom I love. For those who love me and for those who add joy to my life. I always look forward to our next “hello” and am sad at our “good bye”. You are my dash.

On Kaitlynn’s memorial program there was a poem entitled The Dash that I thought was so beautiful I wanted to share it here in memory and honour of Kaitlynn Thomas.

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