Amusing Myself With A Crazy Day…The Interview

Some days  my life is a sitcom, or a really warped Canadian Monty Python skit…that lasts a lifetime. I learned today how any situation can be either hilarious or frustrating…that is the difference between people killing themselves with stress and people ending each day with a laugh…how you look at a situation.

I had a job interview in downtown Toronto this morning. I left an hour and a half early, It should have, and was plenty of time to get me there. Before leaving I prayed that I would find the building in plenty of time. I needed to be more specific. I found the building with 12 minutes to spare…Parking was another story. Traffic is switching lanes and honking and parking areas were either taken or reserved. I ended up circling around several blocks twice in order to get back where I needed to be, I then just searched for anywhere. I saw the first “Public Parking Sign” and pulled in circled the underground parking ramps a few times before finding a spot. I grab my resume and keys, lock the car door and run to the elevator as I am now running late.

I get to ground level and it takes me a minute to realize what direction I am going to the interview, I am three blocks away so I run, get to the right side of street, find right building and take the elevator to the 18th floor. I have to stop a minute.. or two to catch my breath. I was trying not to start deep breathing (you know that what happened I used to be in shape… I should never run in dress clothes on a windy day when I am pushin 40 kinda deep breathing) in the elevator since I was not alone.

I finally start breathing normal enough that I can utter my name and ask to speak to my interviewer with out sounding like I’m an obscene phone caller taking it on the road. The secretary is on the phone which gives me time to realize I was so busy worrying about my breathing I never thought of the state of my appearance. I was neat looking when I left the car but I have since sprinted on the windiest day I can remember in a skirt, suitcoat and pumps. I am straightening myself out a little trying to look as non chalant as I can when my interviewer comes out and introduces herself. It was a very friendly and comfortable environment. I sit down in the interview room after apologizing for being late and am in a chair on one side of the table with two chairs on the other. Two nice managers come and sit down with a booklet of questions. Taking turns asking…One of the questions of coarse was “Do you consider yourself a punctual person? Are you ever late for work?” My answer “I am a very punctual person, unless of coarse it’s the job interview to get the job…but other than that I am always punctual” at least they laughed. I think the rest of the interview went well. They are both writing notes with everything I say and and do. I keep talking because I am nervous while it is silent. They keep writing because I keep talking. Then I said…”I should be giving really short answers so you don’t have to write so much…” they laugh and write some more.

After the interview I went outside and sighed a big sigh that the interview was over and started planning my route home…until I realized the first task was going to be remembering what building’s underground parking I had parked in. The parking stub….no it had no name or address, it was no help. I had come out of the building with the stub in my pocket thinking it would lead me back to my car…I never thought to look what building it was. So I walked the distance I thought I had ran. And looked for a parking entrance, I don’t see one, I go up a block and still don’t see the entrance I was looking for. Was the entrance even on Bloor street I start to think to myself…

I had to go up to two security guards and say “I am about to give you something to laugh about for the whole day…You will speak of me later and someone somewhere will ask “Is she blond or a Newfoundlander” no I am neither…I am just crazy. 🙂 I showed them the parking ticket and asked “Does this parking ticket look like one from your building, I forgot what building I parked my car in” It was not from their building and I did give them something to laugh about.

I should mention, I don’t carry a purse, I carry a backpack with my cell phone, money, id and everything in it. I did not want to carry a back pack into an interview so I left it in the car. So I am wandering the streets of Toronto (Yonge and Bloor area) looking for the parking garage that has my car and I have no phone, no money, no id or anything and all I can picture is not finding it til rush hour traffic home..or spending the night lost in some parking garage clicking the key chain clicker in hopes of finding the car…

I found the right building and level after an hour. Luckily I had parked in a spot you could see from the stairwell, Because I also didn’t note where in the underground parking I had pulled into. …

It was a funny day. Everything may have gone wrong but I feel good about the interview over all. I think they liked me and knew I was genuine about caring for others. I truly find joy in what I do. So whether things go right or wrong my life is viewed with a smile.

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