Everyone has a Goliath

I am blessed to know incredibly strong people. In fact, everyone that I know has faced their own Goliath in one way or another. In the bible story David and Goliath, David a small humble boy armed only with a sling and five stones faces the giant opponent warrior, Goliath. David was triumphant.

I read a book that a friend gave me several years ago about Slaying Our Goliaths. This concept has stayed with me as I meet people through out life. It has helped me find peace and joy in my life. I believe that we are on this earth to learn and grow and to become the best person that we can be. Each of us is different, so in order to grow, each of us would have to face different challenges. And each of us does.

Knowing that everyone has their own Goliath- I have never understood judgemental people. I certainly know I have no right to judge someone else. I have no idea what a person has faced in their lives to bring them to the choices they make. I have no idea what Goliath is standing in front of them and how long they have been battling it. Or what other sorrows, disappointments, fears and challenges they have faced. I also know that I have faced my own Goliaths and not always made the right decisions when trying to slay them.

In a recent Gregoric Thinking Strategy Exam that I took for a contract job, It found that one of my “personality traits” is that I cannot accept that change is not possible. It is true. I believe it is never hopeless, there is always possibility for change. It is up to the individual whether that change is for the better or the worse.

One of the best ways I have found to have a better life is through Gratitude. There are things to be grateful for in every situation. A friend of mine recently had a power outage for the night. She was thankful she had lots of candles, a warm robe and a flashlight. She found humour in the situation and it has become a happy memory. Her upstairs neighbours have decided to sue the landlord, and even called the police that night to file a report. They were worked up and considered it a horrible tragedy to their day. It ruined the night and the “stress” of it will ruin several more.They found nothing in the situation to be grateful for and no reason to smile.

It doesn’t matter what a person’s Goliath is, whether it is a physical illness or emotional issue, a death in the family or an addiction, finances or relationships. Everyone has something in their life that they must face with courage and strength, faith and perserverance.

It is all about how you face a situation, not what the situation is that matters. If you go through the day looking for things to be grateful for, it is hard to be negative at the same time. My daughter and I started when she was a toddler, spending our days collecting things for our “gratitude list” at the end of the day. The world would be a kinder, gentler more peaceful place if everyone lived with gratitude rather than greed, understanding rather than judgement, compassion rather than apathy. It does not matter how many times you fail in life, as long as you try once more…and if gratitude is the focus of your life you will always find a reason to carry on.

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One Response to Everyone has a Goliath

  1. Mike Sealy says:

    Thank you for sharing….A friend of mine used to say that if everyone could dump there trials in a pile and choose from someone else’s after examining them all we would pick up our own again and leave.
    Gratitude makes the difference of whether we love our lives and the people around us…or live gritting our teeth, just trying to get through the day

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