New Year’s Resolutions

Well it is mid January so by this time most years I would have already broken my New Year’s Resolutions and been vowing to do better…Alas this year I should make my first resolution to be that I not procrastinate so much…I am just writing my resolutions now. I don’t really wait for New Years each year when I want to set a goal, but it is another good excuse to find ways to improve myself…and the list of possibilities for improvement  is endless.

I decided to keep it simple this year, and it really isn’t a hard resolution so it’ll be easier to keep. It is also a resolution that can change lives…I resolve to create and surround myself wih more laughter, more smiles, more peace and more joy. I believe they (who ever “they”are) were right  “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE”. I have so many blessings – I have every reason to smile and so I resolve to spend each day paying it forward and bringing a smile to others. I have incredible people in my life. I am blessed with incredible parents, an amazing daughter, great friends and sista, inspiring patients and the joy serving with the young womens program. Seeing any of them smile or hearing their laugh brings me joy so I vow to spend my year working on creating smiles and bringing laughter to those around me- both to their faces and their hearts.

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One Response to New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Tom Fisher says:

    It may not actually “fix” any thing, but it can relieve the stress. That alone has provided a bit of relief over the years. I guess that’s why I’ve tried to be a joker myself ov er the years, b ut sometimes, just like a Jedi, my jokes seem “forced”.

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