As I mentioned in my last post I have a problem with procrastination. I always have. I procrastinate even more if I am stressed about having to do it I have seen me put off a two minute phone call for weeks because I just can’t seem to dial the number. When I have a paper, workshop or article to write– I will have a much cleaner house, my friends will hear from me more and I will finally get around to organizing my junk drawer. Then in the last day or two I will not talk to anyone or do anything but work on the assignment. I used to say it was because “I worked well under pressure” haha ya thats it.

I have procrastinated a lot of things in my life, probably more out of fear of failure than anything else. Since this is a “milestone” year for me age wise…I figure this year I will stop procrastinating. It is time I do those things I often put off…like painting or playing music or taking a special interest class. I am going to stop procrastinating my talents and hobbies. We often say “Oh I’ll find time for that tomorrow…, or I love to play music or dance but you can’t remember the last time you did it. My excuse for not playing my guitar for the past few years has been,’ oh I’ll have to get strings for that’  then I had new strings and gave them to my daughter. Music is good for the heart. It brings comfort to your soul and an outlet for emotions. Whether creating it or listening to it, Music brings me joy.

I love to run and walk. A few years ago I did it a lot out of necessity but since getting a car I haven’t jogged more than a few times and my idea of a walk has been parking a few extra spaces away from the store and walking from there. I have gone on some walks and I get a ton of exercise at work but really taking time from ones day and breathing in outside air, enjoying the beauties and miracles of nature. We live in an incredibly beautiful country. I want to create some of my smiles this year by spending more time appreciating all that this free, amazing Country has to offer. I have had the pleasure of driving to the East Coast a couple times and we are so blessed to live in Canada. It is a beautiful, majestic, incredibly bountiful Country.

Returning to school when pushing 40 has given me confidence..I never would have believed ten years ago that I was capable of going to college to become a nurse, having a job that I love caring for people has given me greater purpose…I look forward to going to work each day, to the patients I’ll see. My job is giving me so much more understanding and knowledge as I continue towards my degree. I like thinking of ways to make my patients smile. And they always find a way to make me laugh. I think that more stand up comedians should think about contributing to the health care field. Laughter is the Best Medicine. A day, no matter what kind of day it is, is always better with laughter in your heart. And while you are making patients laugh you gain a ton a material 😛 If you can stop procrastinating enough to write it…

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