Give Me A Minute…

Much of my life is filled with the phrase “Give me a minute…” I must say it about twenty times a shift to patients. “I will be right there just give me a minute” Then I go see what my patient wants or needs. I bring them their water, help them to the chair or make them more comfortable. Sometimes as I am walking down the hall to do whatever I just told them I would do in a minute…someone sees me and asks for a minute….I tell them sure “Give me a minute”

My patients often say “Give me a minute” Whether they are about to get up or just to turn to their side because it is sore or stiff. Sometimes it takes more than a minute. I love when I can give a minute to make my patients smile. It is a goal in my day to make each patient smile or chuckle at least once  before I leave their room. Some of my patients can’t communicate with words but their eyes, gesters and body language are always grateful when I see that they want me to give them a minute. Of coarse they would not call me to give them a minute….I have to walk in their room to see it. They spend most of their days in one stop staring at a ceiling or wall or watching tv.

I always have someone somewhere who would like me to give them a minute. I always wish I could give them a few more. I love our conversation while I assist with lunch or the laugh when they find something funny. I like giving a minute of my break to bring back a paper and help someone have something interesting to do for the next several minutes. I love giving a minute to find out what they read that was interesting. I smile by each interaction we have.


Sometimes families feel better when you give them a minute. Life has been turned upside down. For everyone. One minute they were all just living their lives and then the world became an exsistence with stretchers and hospital beds and decisions to make and communication barriers to break. Life is dictated by other peoples minutes and they just need the world to “Give them a minute”. They always feel better when they know that you will listen to their loved ones say “Give me a minute…” That helps them get their minute. They put their minds a little at ease. They know they will find you in a patients room never the nurses station…unless it is after your shift then you are probably there catching up on paper work you didn’t do during your shift….I often dont have enough minutes to give to paperwork I much prefer to give them first to people. Families always feel better if they have staff that are not sitting in the nurses station all the time and saying “give me a minute” and yet never moves.

There is always someone who is thinking “Give me a minute”….may I always have that minute to give.

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