Mother’s Day Thoughts

I am blessed with the best mom. I know you probably think yours is the best but mine is special. She has stood by me, cheered me on, supported me, taught me, loved me and given me life. Twice! Once when she gave birth to me and again when she rescued me, helped me heal my emotional wounds and nursed back my physical and spiritual strength.  She helped me stand on my feet again after my life fell apart. She helped me  to find peace and happiness in the face of adversity. She has helped me every time I have fallen. From my early years if I physically fell to the times in adulthood when I have fallen spiritually or emotionally. She has always done all she could to be there for me. I am eternally grateful to her. I know that my brother is too. I’m sure that on this day my mom’s thoughts are on my brother.  As a mom you can’t help but reflect on your children and your love for them. I cannot fathom the intense grief that comes with your child passing away. It is different than losing any other person, any other relationship, it is a different depth of love. No matter what age or circumstances, a mom is always a mom.

I have the honour of being a mom. I have an incredible soon to be 18 year old. She is intelligent, beautiful, funny, kind hearted, gentle, accepting, talented and strong. She has been through so much in her life and yet she always shines. Her laugh is the most wonderful sound in the universe. I love her with all my heart. More than I ever thought it was possible to love someone. I, like many other moms for various reasons at the moment, am not physically there for her. That is by far the hardest thing in my life I have ever had to endure. I did not know pain until I was separated from her. I never knew it was possible to physically hurt because you missed someone so much. It doesn’t matter why you are apart, a child takes with them your heart.  That is one thing you learn as a mom. My daughter is my sunshine, my joyous song and my purpose. She is my everything. I miss her dearly. I love her forever and for always to infinity and beyond.

Our greatest joys and most urgent worries, our highest confidence and lowest insecurities, learning unconditional love and feeling the deepest emotions both high and low come from being a mom. I pray every day that as my daughter continues on her journey through life that we will develop the same kind of relationship I have with my mom. That I may be the kind of friend and loving cheerleader to her that my mom is to me.

I made this video more for me than anyone. In honour of my Mother’s day. I am grateful for the two incredibly special amazing women who give Mother’s Day meaning and make “Mom” the greatest word in life.

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