Where’s the humanity in us all?

I have been really disturbed by many stories in the news. Mostly because they aren’t just stories. They are real lives, changed forever. Suffering, murders, unimaginable tragedies happening in real lives.

 We have television shows called reality tv that are so far from reality. We spend hours watching them or doing other forms of entertainment…while reality really happens all around us. Is that what “humanity” is? We, as society, seem to worship celebrities and follow their every move while soldiers fight and die, emergency responders save and protect, humanitarians feed, cloth and comfort.

There are so many people in need today, who could use our hand in someway. We seem to have a ready answer, for why we personally can’t do more, besides we do what we can before we go home to our couch and our fan. We hold doors open and we donate. We volunteer when times can coordinate, When we watch the news we feel bad, If we see someone suffering or sad, we often think, we wish we could do more, and five minutes later we start to snore. How do we watch movies and parties and sports, when people are in need of our help and comforts. Children are missing and other homeless, but we continue on like we could careless. Seniors are abused and children are bruised, and the rest of the world is dazed and confused. Animals are hurt and humans are suffering, and we have help we won’t bring. How do we live without feeling their pain, how can we not help and still be called sane? Is it insanity or is this the real fate of humanity?

May those in need of comfort find it in the angels who are a part of their life and may we find a way to be an angel to someone in ours and relieve their strife

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One Response to Where’s the humanity in us all?

  1. Tom Fisher says:

    That’s why I don’t watch the news. There’s so much depressing crap going on, and I’m helpless to do anything about it. And the real kick below the belt is the fact that it’s other people causing most of these problems. I’ve proposed solutions in discussions in the past, and they are either laughed off as an apparent non-sequitor, or rudely put down by people that don’t want me to push what I believe onto them while trying to force what they believe onto me. So I just play games on my computer, getting what information I need from Yahoo and social media, and like Nero, I fiddle while the rest of the world burns.

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