What Are We Learning?

I have been watching the news lately and this morning I asked myself this question…What are we learning?

I am confused by the world today. I am confused that people are starving and dying in this world right now and yet we spend over a million dollars to have a man tightrope across Niagara Falls. I don’t understand how we spend billions of dollars on beauty products and diet schemes while discussing how the people in need somehow deserve or asked for their plight. Yet we give billions of dollars to banks and companies and the richest people in the world- through tax cuts and bail outs. The people receiving this money have no problem with taking huge bonuses while whole communities are downsized out of jobs. Those who are downsized soon become people in need, and the rest of society who have all the comforts of life feel bad for them but have nothing more than a few tax deductable donations and some old stuff from their basement to give. It would have been awesome if all the people that “Occupied” some place had found some way of serving while there…why not occupy a Habitat for Humanity build and spend the three months building houses for those who are in need or set up a coleman stove and feed the people who have nothing to eat that are actually living in the park that was taken over by protestors.

I don’t understand how millions die because they don’t have access to the medications and medical attention they need yet we spend our research time and billions of dollars on creating medication to help lose a few pounds or become aroused when you want. Our pimple prevention seems more important than saving lives. I don’t understand how we as humans have the medication sitting in pharmacy warehouses to stop deadly diseases that are killing millions but we won’t give it to them because of money.

I don’t understand how creating a movie that costs millions of dollars for people to spend millions of dollars to see it-  is more a priority to us than spending the money to stop violence that is an epidemic in society. Our entertainment gets more violent, more self endulgent, more risque with each production and yet we wonder why society is spiraling downhill. A child is murdered and the criminal gains celebrity status. A child goes missing or is abused and we feel bad as society but let the abuser away with a slap on the wrist. Children are suffering, elderly are neglected, society is falling apart and yet some Jersey Shore stars pregnancy status is more important to us than doing something to help another. What are we learning as a society by watching a bunch of party animal, loose moraled addicts taking over the media?

The happiest people I know are the ones who spend their lives helping others. The most rewarding experiences in my life have been from acts of kindness. It is hard to feel gratitude and anger at the same time. I am grateful for the people in this world who dedicate their lives to helping others. I am grateful for those who sacrifice their lives for others, who have learned to be selfless and have given the ultimate price.  I am grateful for the people in this world that have learned the truly important things in life. I am grateful for those who teach these things to others through example and word.

Here are some things I am grateful to others for learning, and sharing their wisdom

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1 Response to What Are We Learning?

  1. Tom Fisher says:

    I’m not part of this “we” that’s spending 1 million to entice someone to walk across Niagara Falls on a tightrope. I highly doubt you are forking over cash for that either. I may spend my money on some things people think are stupid, but not this guy’s antics. This is financed by people that think people will watch, and that either the advertising would be worth the investment or that people will pay to watch this guy attempt the feat. It sounds like that doesn’t interest either of us.

    As for the beauty and diet industry, get enough people spending a few bucks a month it will add up. I don’t mind someone spending a reasonable amount of their money if they like the way they feel with a bit of makeup on, and I certainly won’t object to people enjoying the health benefits of losing a few extra pounds. Ironically, the thing that did help me lose weight once actually reduced my expenses, not added to them…

    Bailing out the banks and corporations is one thing I do have a problem with. It feels like governments were bullied into forking over the money under duress of worsened economic troubles. The problem is that corporate profits are higher than they’ve been in a long time, but there are more people unemployed than there have been in a long time. While it’s true that corporations can only employ so many workers, there has to be a point where downsizing hurts the corporation too.

    I suspect that the Occupy protesters may lack the ideas and the knowhow to set up their own businesses, so they draw attention to the fact that they have no jobs. I believe this lack of ideas would also hamper any attempt to organize and do something helpful, and ultimately their disorganization caused their initial point to be lost in the chaotic sideshow that their protests became. I would bet that if the government could set up an entrepreneurial fair near the Occupy site, some might develop the knowledge to start their own business, potentially employing some of those people that need jobs. But that would be wiser use of tax dollars, and we all know how likely that is to actually happen…

    When it comes to research, I do believe that research on deadlier diseases continues, but the more frivolous products you decry are more profitable, so there’s research in those areas too. I only wonder how much of the profits from the frivolous products is being channelled back into research for treatments for cancer or AIDS. Even something to help people quit smoking would be a benefit in the long run.

    On movies, again, it boils down to profits. Companies make these movies hoping that millions of people will fork over $10 or so to see it. They invest millions to make it, and hope to make billions. That in itself is a wise use of their resources, but where that stops is when they just let those profits sit in a bank account earning interest or doing practically nothing. Money has it’s greatest effect when it is moving.

    When it comes to the Jersey Shore, I wonder how many people watch out of envy as opposed to how many people tune in to gawk at them. I doubt as many people really care about Snooki and her unborn child as those that look in to make snide comments about it. I’m not innocent as I think I shared a Facebook photo with such a comment about it.

    I think more people would be able to spent time helping others if there were people to be leaders in the project. I don’t think people have the initiative to serve on their own, relying on people giving instruction at some point. And they’ve become more skeptical about where the money they’re asked for actually goes, so requests for donations yield less than they once would have.

    You wonder why society is on a downward spiral? Look that those with the initiative to lead and what their goals are, and you’ll have your answer…

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