Have A More Than Cool Life

I spent a great deal of my life searching for happiness. Actually I was searching for more than happiness because I had experienced it to some degree. I was missing purpose for being here. I found my reason for living when I became a mom. My daughter became my reason to be…but I still didn’t know what I was suppose to do with the life I was living. It took some spirit shattering events for me to soul search and find my purpose. At the start of that journey I had no self esteem and no direction…it seems like a lifetime ago.

Then in January of 2009 two major things happened to change the person I am and the life I live to give. The day before I went back to college for nursing I was asked to serve with the youth in my church. Since that day, when I questioned whether I was smart enough to return to school and if I had anything to offer the youth, I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life. I graduated from my first college program with honours. Not because I had the smarts but because I found my passion. I am here to help people find joyful purpose in their day. I love the opportunity that each day is to bring a laugh to someone’s face and a smile to their heart. I love bringing happiness to my patients and I am inspired and in awe of the potential and talents of the youth I serve with. My patients and the youth bring me joy and give me purpose. I have a More Than Cool Life.

Some people find their passion and purpose early in life. You see individuals who were born to be performers or vets or doctors and never took their eyes off that goal. There are others who find it as they start adulthood either by choice or by calling. For others it comes through life experiences. A life that had no direction became one with a driven joyful force of its own. I can get through any bad day because I have a joyful purpose.

For some it is sports, Michael Jordan has a joyful purpose in basketball (and has many other accomplishments in his life). Wayne Gretzky has a joyful purpose in hockey (also having incredible success in almost any area he focuses on). I don’t think anyone would say that they don’t have a more than cool life. My brother found joyful purpose in sports and in teaching. Both were passions for him (behind only his family).

 I know many who have a joyful purpose in music or art. My incredibly talented friend Meaghan Smith has a joyful purpose in music and her other artistic talents. You can hear her joy and feel her purpose in each song she writes and each note she sings. She is one of the most versatile and talented individuals I know. I remember babysitting her and her sisters when she was a child.They were an awesome family to hang out with. Meaghan always was talented but shy. Then she realized that she was more than cool. She is an amazing singer, she paints, bakes, creates everything she does with incredible passion.Meaghan is definitely more than cool. Check out her webpage and talent at  www.meaghansmith.com

Miguel Martinez is the president and owner of MTClife. He’s definitely found his joyful purpose in mentoring, training and coaching youth to develop leaders. His joyful purpose is changing lives. Miguel is commited to helping youth have a more than cool life by coaching them to be well balanced heroes of their own world.  He creates youth who are leaders in their own lives, their communities. He trains youth to change worlds. Inspiring youth through fitness and through leadership skills are two parts of MTClife’s mission.  A person who is active has more confidence, feels better and has more energy and greater mental acquity than someone who is stationary. MTClife helps youth shine through developing their individual talents and mental resources. M stands for Mentoring, T stands for Training and C stands for Coaching. Check out MTClife’s webpage at http://www.MTClife.com

I hope that today and everyday you have a more than cool life.

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