A Blessed Life

Today I attended the celebration of a good mans life. He touched the lives of all who knew him, giving much of his life to giving service and compassion to others. He dedicated the rest of his heart to his family and his faith. I was deeply moved by the loving eulogies offered by two of his children and his dear sweet wife. Michael Quatrale was a good man who lived a good life. It was a blessing to know him.

I later had to go to the doctor for an appointment, as I sat in the waiting room I watched an adult child  impatiently waiting with her father. When he was finished with the doctor and reported it was just a cough, nothing to worry about I watched her frustration at having spent so long for something that was “nothing”…I thought of the many adult children who would give anything to be able to spend the day, even if in a dr.’s office with a parent who has passed on.

I have spent the day reflecting on how incredibly blessed I am to have the amazing parents I do. I rely more on their guidance now, as an adult, then I did as a teen. I am dependent on them more because they are two of my closest friends than just that they are my mom and dad. I have come to appreciate their support, wisdom, unconditional love, insight, experience, guidance and opinion more with each year of our lives. I am so blessed to have the parents I do. I was blessed with two amazing parents, I think because God knew I would need all the help I could get.

I have been blessed with a lot of help in this world. Family that are my reason to live, my complete joy and love that is too deep for words to express. I have friends that are my examples, strength, laughter, and heart. I am so very grateful for each and every person who brings joy to my existence or lessons to my life. I truly have a blessed life.

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    truly loved the article added to my favourites

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