Happy Happy Joy Joy Ill Teach Your Grandmother to Suck Eggs

I know you have probably gotten sick of hearing me say how amazing my life is, but I am so full of excitement about the future and all the things that are happening right now I can’t help myself.

It is an incredible feeling when you find your passion. I have found two. Actually it is just one in two different places. My passion is to bring happiness to people. I love working with stroke and dementia patients. I love the strength they have, the lives they have led and continue to lead, the wisdom and joy they share. I love feeling like maybe I brought a little happiness to their day during my shift.

I also love working with teenagers. I have two new exciting projects I am working on that have me literally dancing around with energy. I have put together a proposal and course on leadership, choices and self esteem geared directly to Aboriginal children and youth living on Reservations. There are incredible, talented, amazing youth who just need the resources, the program and the confidence to reach their full potential and we as a society are letting them down. There is nothing more amazing than a happy confident youth or child. I can’t think of a more incredible sound than a childs laughter….a confident child is a happier person through life.

The program is developed for every school level with more in depth topics for high school students. Including giving them an opportunity to create their own documentary and webcasts, learning business skills by running a small business and providing service to the community while developing other life skills. It will include life skills topics for various aspects of their lives from bullying, health and fitness, leadership and life choices, career planning and 10 other topics developed to create a greater confidence, pride in their community, service and community minded projects and develop skills and cultural arts while creating awareness of their culture by the youth webcasts and documentary. I am excited. I see amazing things coming from this project because I know if we can get funding we can change lives….

If you can give someone confidence you can give them the world!

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