One Step At A Time…Movement Is The Answer

So if I want to walk the walk and change the world then I better get moving. I don’t expect to change the world all at once but there are lots of things I can do each day to be one step closer to my goal. If I want to make a difference in lives then I have to be doing something to make their lives different.

Today was a good “One step at a time day”. I have a couple of good things that I am doing to make a difference.

First the YogaHontas Yoga and Fitness Jam. It is a fun day of fitness with Yoga and Zumba that is for a good cause. I can’t go because I will be at the “Because I Was Born” walk and with my lack of co ordination I might need a whole team spotting my hips for Zumba and the jaws of life to untangle me from Yoga so I thought I would collect some books. They are raising money and school supplies for children in  Kapanikian Philippians. Check out the poster for the event below

yogahontas poster

I am meeting with Lauren from the North South Partnership for Children about helping with their Youth In Motion project which connects Aboriginal youth from the North and South through art, media, music and their other talents.

They have created an amazing magazine that is worth checking out. There are some incredible talented and motivational youth who share their story and talent.

I am honoured to share a very important walk that is happening on Saturday. The Global Walk for India’s Missing Girls. I will be posting my article, a video and pictures about the trials and life threatening facts of being a girl in India. I am proud to be a part of this walk and grateful to my friend Kamal for sharing the invitation with me. I am proud to know the diverse and incredibly strong, talented amazing women I do. I am truly blessed to be associated with heroes, angels and inspiring souls.

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