A Patient to a Caregiver

Dearest Nurse who’s caring for me,

I am not the young person I used to be,

I feel so fragile and frail and hurt everywhere,

And when you ask me a question sometimes I just stare.

One day I was working and laughing and playing,

Then I’m in the hospital confused by what you’re saying,

And for months now this is where I have been laying,

I know you are busy and I know you are tired,

And you have a million things to do so you won’t be fired,

But please take a minute and please give me one,

Life has become full of pain and no fun,

I wake up to pokes, prods and questions about my bowels,

Then you are impatient if I give you scowls,

Sometimes you are so gentle and kind,

But when I am scared or lonely you are nowhere to find,

I feel like a bother if I ask for a favor,

I lie in bed and eat food with no flavor,

Even going to the bathroom has become a chore,

I have to wait cause there’s too few staff on the floor.

Please take a minute to ask how I feel,

And listen for an answer that’s real,

Please think to bring in a book,

Or say something when you come in to look,

I may not be the person I used to be,

But please remember I am still me.

Thank you for the long hours and loving care,

I am grateful when I see a kind face there.

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