Positive Energy

I was having a bad week. My left wrist and thumb are swollen to twice the size they should be and I can’t use them without severe pain which means I am not with my patients again. That sucks. I feel like I make less of a difference in the world when I am not with my patients.

Yesterday however my spirits were lifted I had a meeting with two wonderful women who help run the North South Partnership for Children. I loved their positive energy. They are definitely people I want to surround myself with.  I am excited and honoured to be able to work with them on future projects.

Their office is in the Centre for Social Innovation. I have never been so impressed and inspired by an office in my life. Positive energy doesn’t even begin to describe this place. The elevator doors hadn’t even fully opened and I was in love with it. The good vibrations were phenomenal. Having space in their office is now added to my dream board. The intense energy of hundreds of people all working at changing the world for the better. It was incredible. It helps keep me motivated in my goal to bring CARE to healthcare in Ontario, especially on Reserves, and to help bring the life skills, confidence and resources to at risk youth affected by violence, gangs, drugs, poverty so that they can be agents of change for the better in the world around them.

I wanted to sit in the Centre for Social Innovation all day and soak up the energy if it didn’t energize me so much that I wanted to run out and change the world single handedly. Thank Goodness I don’t have to change the world by myself. There are people working together everyday to bring about positive change and creating a better world. And now I know where there is a whole building full of them http://socialinnovation.ca/home

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