Teaching Health Professionals To Care

I believe one of the first steps in teaching compassion and caring to Health Care professionals is to teach them to see everyone as equals, as human beings with lives and emotions and real problems. If we can begin that process by getting rid of stigma attached to mental illness or to being obese or being elderly then we can get compassion growing and patients feeling cared for and understood. If we can learn to listen to our patients and realize they know better than anyone when something is not right in their body or life. We could learn about them, about their health and how to care for them in the best way to meet their needs.

If we can help each other see the similarities that we each have then we could find a place to plant a seed of compassion. I wish we could get dr.’s, health care teams and patients together and ask them questions to see how many have faced the same kinds of triumphs or suffered the same difficulties in life. When we find common ground and can view another person through new eyes than we can care about that person, not just provide “care”.

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