What If Our Healthcare System Kept Us Healthy

If we started caring first then the health would follow. I am inspired by the ideas presented by Rebecca Onie on more that the healthcare world can do to care for patients.

You can do absolutely everything right to care for a patient while they are within the hospital or clinic but if they go home and don’t have the necessities of life, then they are no further ahead. I think it is an incredible idea to be able to have a system where doctors can prescribe the things a patient actually needs for a healthy life and then others make sure the prescription is filled.

Often it is difficult for families to get the help they need in the community because they don’t know where to look, how to access the resources or are to scared to reach out themselves. I love the idea of a system where doctors, nurses and caregivers can help ensure patients and families are getting what they need.

It is a sad reality that thousands of people go without food, heat, medicine or shelter every day. Some must decide between one basic need and another. If we could set up a system where a team was helping ensure those in need were helped and followed up with. Someone to advocate on their behalf after they walk out the hospital doors. A healthy life coach. To make sure they are supported and truly have a prescription that will give them a healthy life.

We can decide to make different choices, to make peoples lives different, to help patients feel different and be cared for differently. We should have staff that can provide health information, a chance to talk, etc in the waiting room of ED. A healthy life coach to be able to find out the true problems facing a patient and their health and help them find solutions to what is unhealthy in their life. I would happily volunteer to sit and hold a patient and family members hand or to sit and listen to the problems they really face today. Often those who come into emergency have months of stress and other factors facing them. Sometimes a listening ear is what they need. Someone to hear their needs and help find a solution to meet those needs. Instead of patients and families spending hours sitting in waiting rooms they could be sitting in healthy life information rooms

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