It’s Not About Policy, or Budget Worries for Them…It’s Life

For governments, CEOs and policy makers it’s often about budgets, procedures and policies. They are trying to look like they are saving a dollar now. Many of the decisions made are done in board rooms, made because it looks good on paper…but for the people affected by these decisions…it is about life. Their life…their loved ones life.

I can’t imagine the intense stress of having to make decisions that put people out of their homes, that leaves them hopeless and distraught. I certainly would not want to be one of the people who had to make decisions like that. And sometimes, it is necessary to have to close homes, services and facilities.

But instead of a board room answer what about a human answer. How are these families getting support? I am not just talking about giving them another place to live or have programs that meet their immediate physical needs. I mean emotional, physical, financial support to get them through the life changing decision that have been made for them.

Would you be comfortable with the government choosing where your loved one was now to live? Would you be happy with the answer that your loved one might be put in the hospital if not appropriate for a group home? Would you be happy with an autistic loved one having their life thrown into upheaval, with no answer on how to put it back together?

I am not sure I understand the decision to close one of the last facilities available at a time when more services and solutions need to be found rather than shut down. There are more diagnosis of Autism, and emotionally and mentally struggling individuals than ever. At a time when we should be realizing that the world needs more emotional support for individuals and families. That a nation is it’s people. And our people are killing themselves and others and ending up with emotional and physical conditions that are killing them. It doesn’t matter how many balanced budgets you have or how many gold stars for cutting costs if families spirits and lives are broken.

How does it save money to have family members sick from stress, hospital beds and resources taken up with individuals who don’t belong in a hospital, and we don’t help ALL our citizens reach their potential in life? If one of us is in need, all of us should care. Any life affected needs to be protected.

I hope that the people making decisions or going about their “work day” remember that it is people’s lives, it is entire communities and it is our nation that is affected. We need to be there to give each individual in the nation- encouragement, support and resources so they can reach their potential and so we could truly be the happiest healthiest nation in the world.

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