My Listening Room Idea For Mental Health Support:Not Such A Crazy Idea After All

Experts and Educators around the world are recognizing that we have a mental health, especially with depression and suicide, crisis on our hands. We need to give support and a listening ear to those who need one. I have suggested before that a Listening or Life drop in centre for those who just need someone to be a support, somewhere they can just talk about what is weighing them down would help meet this need. A place with life skills and leadership programs to help individuals cope with what ever individual struggle is affecting their mental and therefore physical health.

If I was rich, if I had the money I would open a NICE life centre. Where individuals could find the basic needs of life…food, support, kindness and life skills to help them cope with whatever is going on in their life. I think we would find that those who were given the support they needed would be happier and healthier and our whole health care system and community would benefit by lives being changed for the better… just by making sure that everyone knows there is some one who cares and some place NICE to go.

With new life skills, self esteem and support there will be less stress causing depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, addiction and violence, malnutrition and poverty related conditions and desperation.  We would not have suicide as one of the leading causes of death worldwide if we would listen. We can change lives just by caring…not just by providing needed care but by caring enough to listen.

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