Animals, Life Skills and Confidence

Animals are incredible creatures, they give comfort and have an individual personality. Each has the potential to heal human spirits, form friendships and give and receive love. Even in the 18th century doctors recognized the benefits of animals for mental and physical health.  Sigmund Freud saw the difference when a domestic animal (his dog) was present.

Animal therapy has been used in health care with mental health, anxiety, depression, dementia, cardiac issues, hypertension, mental and physical challenges in children, youth and the elderly. Caring for animals has proven to help with blood pressure, self esteem, confidence, physical healing, mental health and overall wellness. It doesn’t matter what the animal is. I would be lost without my cat…she has been a part of the family for 15 years and she often provides comfort, love and if nothing else a reason to get out of bed in the morning because she was counting on me to feed her. Petting her or hearing her purr always makes me feel better.

If I ever won a lottery (which is funny considering I am too broke to ever buy a ticket so I haven’t in about 10 years),I would make sure my daughter had everything she needed for university and life then I would buy a ranch. It would be a Healing ranch for animals and youth who had challenges and needed each other. With some palliative patients that could use compassion and service as well. Those who need compassion and can give it to each other. The focus on healing would be letting them care about each other. It is amazing how healing compassion is. There are many animals out there that need love, and many youth or others that need the animals love as well. Our youth need confidence, love, compassion and an animal and the confidence of caring for that creature can change both worlds.

It will always be a dream, but having a dream helps you set goals and that helps you create ideas and conversations around healing and compassion.

I know that the changes I make in this world will always be hindered by money, or lack thereof… but that doesn’t mean I can’t change the world… just means I have to be more creative and put more effort to help another. It is always helpful to get a handful of cash…but if you don’t have cash to give then your gift has to be from your soul, spirit and time. I am working on programs for some communities that need to know of our love for them. It is slow and I have to be creative but it’s on my dream board once my wrist is better I will be able to put more time, money and resources into making it happen but until then there is always a way to be the rainbow after the storm.

Can you imagine changing someone’s world every day?…all it takes is someone’s imagination.

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