My Idea For Identifying Super Heroes I Think We’ll Find A Lot

So I have mentioned several times that I have been working on an Aboriginal Leadership Program. I have decided on the working name “Super Heroes”. I thought I would share a small outline of the “Super Hero” program and would absolutely love to know what you honestly think…

Aboriginal Youth Leadership Super Hero Program

Program Objective:

To help students gain confidence, leadership skills, gain knowledge on life skills, health and fitness, business, goal setting and the power of one.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this program the students will:

–        Developed leadership skills

–        Built relationships with other members of their community

–        Learned the difference one person can make and that they are Super Heroes

–        Identify key things they can do to take charge of their health, future and world

–        Developed improvisation, social skills and interview skills

–        Be able to explain parts of the Aboriginal culture that are important to them individually

–        Have participated in fitness and health workshops

–        Have learned goal setting and budgeting skills

–        Be able to identify experiences that are similar to those of other students and experiences that are unique to each of them

–        Be able to identify their own talents and the talents of other students

–        Have a deeper understanding of how their choices, words and actions affect their lives and the lives of those around them

–        Have completed a media project and learned new skills

–        Have completed a business project where they help create and run a business

–        Have completed service to give each student pride in their community and their accomplishments. Helped set up a community NICE (Needed Interventions for Continued Existence) centre. That will provide physical and mental health information, food and warmth to those who need it.

– Have tended a garden, created a documentary, completed a community service project and run a business.

The participants will take a leadership role as they help their facilitator and documentary maker to understand their culture and life experience. Together the students and facilitator create a documentary movie about the course and the successes of each student individually and as a community.

The end documentary will have a “Premier night” and will be marketed to television stations, film festivals and be shown on line to promote the students successes and their life experience to the world.

Throughout the project students will participate in a number of workshops, games, activities and assignments which will develop confidence, leadership, business skills and health/ fitness awareness.

There will be a community service project and the youth will be asked to perform small acts of service for members of their families, class and community to help them experience the difference they can make in the world around them.

The course facilitator will help the students with their service projects, they will have in person and on line support for the short and long term goals they set. Students will have mentors that will be there to help them long term throughout and after they have graduated the course.

Some of the workshop/documentary topics are:

1)    Superhero of your own life- Students participate in workshops and activities that help them understand how their choices and actions affect their lives and the lives of others now and in the future. Either for the positive or the negative. They are the creator of their destiny. They will participate in a service project and will create a dream board during this unit. Several games and activities will help students feel more confident and comfortable with the other participants. The youth will help with service projects creating a NICE program in their community.

2)    Healthy Choices- Students discuss and participate in workshops to help demonstrate how making healthy choices affects their lives. The right amount of sleep, exercise and proper nutrition and hydration are needed to be a superhero. Why it is easier to make the decision to say yes to healthy things and no to unhealthy things right from the start than to try and stop a bad habits. The youth will help create a health information section for the NICE program. Helping create this will give them opportunities to learn about leadership, about health information as they decide what topics are important to them and their community. How they want it displayed and what workshop topics they want to cover about their health. They will help put the workshops and materials together.

3)    I Want That- this workshop unit is broken down into budgeting for life, career planning and goal setting. Students will help run a business and/or community fund raising event. Students will learn communication skills, interviewing skills and other helpful business fundamentals. The participants will use their talents and the skills they are learning in the Super Hero program to create a business. They will decide and make the items we sell at festivals, showcases and other events. The youth will help reach out to stores and businesses to sell our products. They will also help with display, marketing and actual selling of items. Money made will go into the operational costs of the business and leadership program service projects.

4)    What’s Your Story?- This workshop unit is broken down into five sections to get students( through discussion, assignment, video journal, art or group activity) to think about the unique talents, struggles and stories of each:

–        Considering their own story

–        Considering another person’s story

–        Considering a community heroes story

–        Considering a cultural story

–        Considering the future story

5)   I Am A SuperHero- The students will help put together the documentary from beginning to end. They will share what they want from their lives and how realizing they are a “Super Hero” will change them. No matter what is important to an individual- they can be a superhero changing the world for the better. They will help create the promotional plan as well as plan the premiere for the documentary “A SuperHero”

The graduates from the program would then have the option to stay with the program as a peer mentor/community superhero participating in future service and developing the business and youtube channel/website promoting their business and community successes and connecting them with students from other Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students in an on line community.

Community superheroes would be able to share their successes in the documentary made by the next students. It would be a year long commitment for the first year.

Each workshop unit has resources for primary/ elementary students, middle school and secondary school age ranges.

Business Plan and Service Project Leadership

The business and service project will be intertwined  because the youth will make crafts, blankets, and meals (bread, baked goods, sandwiches, soups, casseroles, etc).

In the summer the youth will maintain a garden with vegetables and flowers. These will be for sale, to cook with and to give in NICE kits.

The blankets, crafts, baked goods and videos that the youth make will be showcased and sold at festivals, craft shows, and have an on line store.  Eventually we will have a store in a nearby city. All proceeds from the company will go back into expenses of running the business and the Youth Leadership program and service projects for the community the youth live in.

The service project will include creations by the youth going to community “NICE kits” (Necessary Items for Continued Existence kits) which will include having food, warm blankets, hats, mitts, and other items to be given to families in need with in the community. I have already secured donations of personal items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, etc.

Eventually this will expand to a community NICE center that will have leadership, life skills, business, fitness and health workshops as well as a food and clothing bank for the community. It will be run by the “Superheroes” of the program and funded by our store and business.

We will find ways for the youth to serve their community by having talent nights, having community art walls where they can express themselves. And will help elderly and sick community members by giving them fresh bread, meals, etc while learning how to cook. Each youth will feel more confident as they see their work and talent all around them. The documentary would be shown at film festivals, have a screening and be available on line to share the youths accomplishments, their feelings on their culture and what they want to share about their lives.

We have life coaches, health care, business and fitness professionals that have workshops for parents that want to be involved in the leadership program as well. We hope to have community involvement in the business, documentary and service projects

If any of the youth have a mom or dad in prison then we would like to do a leadership program from the parents side as well. We are hoping to have a similar program running in local prisons soon with help  from associations like the Elizabeth Fry Society and John Howard Society. Giving them something to come home to that both the youth and parent are involved in and would be able to continue together. Life skills, business and leadership workshops would be offered to the inmate and they would be kept in touch with home by being a part of this project. Giving them a support system when returning to their family.

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