Always Striving For A Personal Best

Life has an interesting way of forcing growth through opposition or change.  I have never been one to stand up for myself. In fact I often will avoid confrontation or difficult conversations at all costs. Life decided that I needed to work on that so I have been given the opportunity to do so.

As most of you know my wrist was injured at work several months ago. A patient with dementia grabbed my wrist and twisted the wrist and thumb in a complete circle. I still can not use my wrist or thumb for more than a few minutes without pain, numbness and swelling. I work in a hospital, but it took three months for the hospital physiotherapy to call me back. My wrist hurt so much after going to physiotherapy that I would spend the rest of the day in tears or having to take Tylenol 3s(which make me more useless than usual) I have gone to doctors in the urgent care centre and emergency at the hospital I work  asking for a referral to a specialist or more tests or something to make it better so I can go back to work. I have gotten no help, no referral, no answers except `Ice it and take tylenol 3`, Now they have closed my worker’s compensation case even though I am no better. I still don`t have a referral because they say you have to get one through a family doctor…I haven`t been able to get a family doctor…. If this was someone else like one of my patients I would be standing up for them…I now have an opportunity to learn to stand up for myself and have gained a valuable perspective on patient care in Ontario.

I have had some incredible blessings lately. I had a growing experience and the opportunity to work on a project with one friend. I learned a lot from working with him. About myself, communication, respect and business. The new communications workshop I am working on right now is thanks to that experience. While I am no longer a part of his business. That ending has led to an incredible opportunity to work with someone I admire, respect and think is sweeter than apple pie has allowed me to join her company and mission to change the world. I am excited to be joining Personal Best Life Coaching Services and working with the talented, funny, kind hearted Shelley Harris. Who is awesome enough Oprah Winfrey had lunch with her and other OWN Ambassadors last month.

Shelley and I have many exciting ideas and programs in the works. We hope not only to inspire others to reach their Personal Best in life but to help communities become their personal best as well. Shelley will be working with me on my charity projects and my Super Heroes program which is exciting. I cannot wait to jump right in with Personal Best Life Coaching Services and continue on my long journey to reach my personal best.

If you would like any information on any of our programs from the Aboriginal and At Risk Youth Leadership Programs, Playful Parenting workshops, Improvisation and Self esteem workshops, Mother`Renewal Groups, Eating Disorder and depression life coaching, Life skills and after hospital recovery life coaching, and the future goal of NICE listening clinics and Be One Super Hero Programs…please message me, call 647-519-6962 or check out our webpage

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