Post Discharge Family and Patient Support

I often speak on the necessity for family and emotional support. I believe many hospital admissions are avoidable if the person has support and motivation to keep goals at home. Outpatient support for conditions like depression, eating disorders and anxiety is often limited to every few weeks and the patient and family are left to struggle on their own in between. The appointments are often more simply an update and focus on medical issues. The families walk out still feeling alone.I suffered from an eating disorder for many years and it wasn’t the medical or mental health field that helped me successfully recover in the end. Though they did help keep me alive until I found the ability to become healthy. It was me, setting goals, seeing a new light, realizing better coping and life skills. I can offer support and understanding while motivating you on a regular basis to meet your personal goals of success. I can be a daily cheerleader and resource to get you through the tough days until you truly feel the light at the end of the tunnel.

Heart and stroke, diabetes and other conditions often have discharge plans that require major changes in lifestyle for the patient and a great deal to cope with for the family. Life coaches can help these families and patients. When not providing support to patients outside of the hospital I am giving them support on a Rehabilitation unit in the hospital. I provide the activities of daily living for stroke and other patients. I know the demands of this emotionally and physically for caregivers who are trained. That strain is multiplied and can seem overwhelming when it is a family member that you are caring for, at home without resources and other support. Sometimes you just need to feel a little weight off of your shoulders. Someone to help you focus and help you see your inner strength to accomplish what you need to. I understand the emotional affect of a loved one being in intensive care. That it can be hard to remember to take care of yourself while consumed with fear for them.

Personal Best Life Coaching Services have dealt with family members addiction problems and are able to relate to the inner strength and focus it takes to meet life’s goals in these situations as well. Whether life is just too hectic with three kids, a dog and a husband who travels or you want to focus on some neglected dreams we are able to help you set goals that lead to success. Whatever obstacles you face are no match for a person that knows their potential. We can help you reach yours.

Life coaches can help families and patients get through the days in between treatment. They are not there for medical or mental health treatment but as emotional support. It is easier to ask questions, set goals and have success if you have someone on your side that is supporting you along the way. Life coaches could be a valuable resource to Healthcare and be the difference between failure and success.

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