A Christmas Gift To and From Oprah…Let Your Light Shine

I have been a fan of Oprah Winfrey since the mid 80’s. I have always loved her compassion, her lessons on self esteem. I have always thought she is one of the most beautiful women on television and have felt my life enriched and strengthened by her on many occasions. It was Oprah’s belief that you can change the world that had me start with an envelope to Ethiopia when I was 13 and to make volunteering a part of my life since that time. I have never had money to give, but often time is a much more precious thing to give.

Oprah’s Angel Network in the 1990’s inspired thousands to help those around them, and to be more aware of the difference one person can make. Lives, families and communities were changed forever because of her influence.

She now has OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network) which continues to change lives on a greater level. I see and have the honour of associating with people who are inspired by OWN everyday. We are so inspired we are finding a special gift for Oprah…

We are changing the world for others, in honour of how Oprah changed the world for us. It doesn’t have to be in big ways. Often it is the small things that OWN gives us that makes all the difference. It can be as simple as a smile and holding the door or donating clothing, food and other things to shelters and to those in need. I have friends donating pet food to animal shelters, others have donated bags and boxes of clothing and toys, others are giving their time at soup kitchens and food banks. We are all finding a way to say thank you to Oprah that will truly reflect her spirit of giving.

I have my NICE outreach program and eventually want to make it into a centre where individuals in need can come as well. While I have been working on the logistics of it for a long time, I realized I needed to stop worrying about how I was going to go about helping people…and just get busy helping them.

We are planning some life skills workshops and a Comedy and Improv show to raise money for the program. I have donations coming in of blankets, soup, hats, mitts, toiletries, etc.  to be able to help more people than I can with just buying the supplies myself. I am not much wealthier than those I am trying to help….but changing the world doesn’t come from money it comes from determination

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