4 things You Can Do to Honor Indigenous Peoples Today

I am so grateful for this blog post by Climate Connections. I have been researching, trying to honour and contemplating First Nation people, and the issues that are facing their culture and communities. Sometimes I am scared that I am going to say something wrong, without meaning to. I truly want to help. I wish each First Nation person that sees my efforts could truly look into my heart and know my sincerity. I am grateful for bloggers, community members, tweeters, educators and leaders who share information.
I want more than anything to be respectful. I want to honour your culture and am even at some point hoping that I will be able to live in your environment as I help educated others about how we can make a difference. Thank you for sharing your experience. Thank you for giving me a chance to learn how to honour you, your history and future. Today I am grateful for you.

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